The more I see and hear of what is going on in our nation's Capital the more certain I become that we have filled it with traitors and haters of our Republic.  Their major goal is not simply to feather their own nest, as is the goal of many politicians, but to destroy the government of the world's greatest experiment in freedom and liberty.  Their target is Biblical Christianity.  Whatever their professed religions may be, Christian freedom is anathema to them.

I just read where there is now the draft of a bill in Congress that would transfer the taxing and spending power of the Congress to an appointed Bipartisan Task Force composed of 18 members, 8 from the House of Representatives, 8 from the Senate, the Treasury Secretary and someone appointed by the President.  This is an attempt to change the Constitution with a legislative act rather than an amendment as required by the Constitution.  How far this will get remains to be seen.  Such a law would undoubtedly be unconstitutional, but since when has that been a concern of our illustrious body on the hill?

Today I also listened to a video on youtube (

BaSP31Be8) that gives one a real look at the health care bill now pending in Congress:

• Page 22 mandates that the government will audit books of ALL EMPLOYERS who self insure.

• Page 29, lines 4-16, HEALTH CARE RATIONING. You can only receive so much care per year. Individual = $5,000. Family = $10,000.

• Page 30, Section 123, there will be a GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE that decides what treatments and benefits you receive.

• Page 42, the health choices commissioner will choose your health benefits for you.

• Page 50, Section 152, health care will be provided for all non U.S. citizens whether legal or otherwise.

• Page 52, the government will have real time access to your finances and a national ID Health card will be issued.

• Page 59, lines 21-24, the government will have direct access to bank accounts for elective funds transfer.

• Page 127, lines 1-16, Doctors and the American Medical Association, the government will tell you how much money you can make.

• Officers and employees of Healthcare administration will have access to all Americans' personal and financial records.

For the elderly and those who might fall into a “special care” category there are even more drastic measures that would likely be applied.  End of life resources and end of life plans terminology is used and the government will control these and which doctors have the authority to make end of life determinations.

The above is but a small sampling of the information contained on the youtube video.  Anyone having Internet access should go to the site listed above and listen to the entire video for a very real understanding of why the health care debates have been conducted behind closed doors.  As I said in the first thing I wrote on the health care reform movement, it has never been about health care, it has always been about government control.


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