You may think you’re pretty smart,

That you alone are in command.

You may feel within your heart

That no one can against you stand.

Sufficient power you may hold

That others will before you bow.

That is a story often told,

That men before their tyrants cower.

But no matter what your state,

There’s a fact that’s sure and true,

At the end of this life’s gate

Death stands waiting for even you.

Stop my friend, pause and think,

Ask the question all must face:

“What awaits me o’er the brink?

What happens when I leave this place?”

No power will you then possess.

Before your judge you’ll stand exposed.

This life’s deeds you will confess,

And face the sentence on you imposed.

You may believe, or you may not,

But tell me, friend, if you can

Just what is the final lot

That awaits each mortal man?

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