Salti Sez 085528If you haven’t heard, Biden’s been busy taking down a lot of our freedoms. He and his Chinese buddies. China, with a little help from certain Americans, gave us Coved-19 to frighten us into obeying our leaders to save our lives. Sure, Covid-19 kills some people, but the death rate is about the same as the flu, which we handle every year without shutting down our nation.

Me and Mrs. Salty went to early church Sunday wearing masks and staying 6 feet away from other people. The regular pews had been placed in storage and portable seats were used to keep us separated; makes it kinda hard to have conversations with fellow worshipers. A lot of restaurants and other small businesses have had to shut down permanently to follow Washington-bred instructions. We The People are supposed to be running things but they (Powers that Be) are making it impossible for us to get together to take action to limit their power; big tech is greatly aiding and abetting them.

Have you ever watched bees in a bee-hive? You have a queen bee who centrally controls the hive and worker bees who do the work. Each bee has its assigned task and obeys. The hive and the queen must be supported. Would you want to be part of such a program? That is what we are being groomed to accept. Slavery is a picnic in comparison.

God designed the bees to function as they do, but He designed humans in His own image and gave us the desire to be free, with Him as our master. Israel decided somewhere down the line that they wanted a king like the gentiles had. He explained what the king would do and they still wanted a king, so He let them have one. For many, many years kings remained the ruling class, but our Founding Fathers moved away from that and gave us a working Republic under Judeo-Christian standards. We have discarded the standards and are reaping what we have sown.

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