Screenshot 2021 03 01 114354Across the country these days Coved-19 Vaccines are the big news. Some people are saying there have been problems affecting some who are taking the vaccine while others are saying it’s just what we need. Some friends of mine are getting in line to get their shots. But this vaccine is different. I’ve been around a long time and I know vaccines are not created in just a few months.

They’ve been trying to come up with a common cold vaccine for many years and haven’t got one yet, and the Coved-19 virus is kin to the common cold viruses.

Also these Coved-19 vaccines do not work the same way other vaccines work. Other vaccines help your immune system fight the virus by giving you a similar substance that triggers your immune system to recognize the virus and fight it. My understanding is this one changes your system to better accommodate the virus. I’m not quite sure how this is accomplished and no one is telling me.

I’m trying to wait things out, take all the precautions I know to take and see how those taking the vaccine respond. Maybe I’m just a bit too stubborn. Also I’m not inclined to believe everything the government is telling me since I have found they don’t understand what truth is. First they say wear a mask, then they say a mask doesn’t help, then they say yes it does – and these are scientists talking? Other professionals are saying we have other and better ways of fighting the disease. Many sources are telling us many things about the vaccines. I don’t have a crystal ball telling me which are being truthful and which are gambling. I suggest everyone do their own research and make their own decisions.

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