Resolution Urging the South Carolina Senate and House to vote in favor of Senate Bill 112 and House Bill 3125 Calling for a Convention of States

WHEREAS, the purpose of the Federation is to promote, support and defend conservative Republican governance at the local, state and national levels; and

WHEREAS, the Founding Fathers gave us two (2) viable methods for amending the Constitution of the United States with the second being vested in the people in Article V of the U.S. Constitution; and

WHEREAS, in spite of issues like restraining out of control federal spending, the uncontrol growth of the federal government, term limits on federal legislators and a balanced budget being supported by the vast majority of legal citizens of the United States;” and

Whereas, in spite of the obvious overwhelming support of these enumerated issues by the American people Congress (our legislators) refuse to act on these issues in the form of legislation or drafting a Constitutional Amendment; and

Whereas, the Founders adopted Article V of the U.S. Constitution which provides the people through its State Legislators the ability to amend the Constitution through A Convention of the States to draft amendments to achieve action on the issues enumerated herein as limiting the uncontrolled growth of the federal government without a vote of the people, requiring a balanced yearly budget and limiting the terms in office by elected representatives; and

THEREFORE, be it Resolved, that the BFRM urges the Republican members of the South Carolina General Assembly to join the other states such as Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, North Dakota, Utah, Arizona and Alaska in passing an Article V Convention of States Bill with the Amendments referenced below; and

BE IT Further Resolved, that the BFRM asked that the South Carolina Senate and House amend the current bills (S-112 and H-3125) to state, “Should any amendment in any way seek to amend, modify or repeal the letter or spirit of any limits expressed herein, the amendment shall not be authorized for consideration at any stage.  This application shall be void Ab Initio if ever used at any stage to consider any change to any provision of this application.”; and 

BE IT Further Resolved, that the BFRM further asked the South Carolina Senate and House amend the current bills (S-112 and H-3125) to state, “That the application shall be void Ab Initio if any court overturns the general and specific provisions of the application.”

Respectfully submitted;
Richard Geier
Beaufort Federation of Republican Men
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