Former SC Governor candidate and Greenville businessman John Warren launched a Political Action Committee (PAC) titled South Carolina's Conservative Future.

The goal of the statewide PAC organization is to focused on advancing freedom, economic opportunity, and accountability at the state level through policy advocacy, empowering grassroots leaders to support reforms and direct electoral engagement. The PAC says that they will only support conservative, courageous and capable Republicans who will protect life and liberty, advance economic opportunity and provide accountability to taxpayers.

The PAC will shape policy by making sure South Carolinians get a government that reflects their conservative values. South Carolina’s Conservative Future will fight for solutions to some of the biggest challenges – education, economic growth, accountability and more. By listening to citizens across the state, the PAC will elevate and highlight policy solutions that will improve the lives of South Carolinians.

They believe that for years, substantive reforms have been stalled in Columbia – held up by leaders more concerned about playing politics than solving problems. The PAC will help send more conservative, courageous and capable Republicans to Columbia to fight for taxpayers and get results. They will work to elect leaders who stand up for the citizens of the State.

Their empowering grassroots message is, "All change begins at the local level - South Carolina’s Conservative Future will help empower grassroots leaders across the state to drive policy changes. By organizing conservative activists, we can help advance freedom, economic opportunity, and accountability."

Their goal, according to their website, is taking the first step in bringing conservative change to state government which is not just winning elections, but finding quality people who are willing to run for office. Republicans have often been forced to settle for candidates who do not match their views or do not have the courage or capability to get things accomplished. South Carolina’s Conservative Future plans to work with our network of supporters to find conservative, courageous and capable Republicans across the state who will fight for the taxpayers of South Carolina.

At the publishing time of this article, South Carolina's Conservative Future endorsement list consists of the follows candidates:

State Senate Candidates

Brian Adams - State Senate District 44
Chip Campsen - State Senate District 43
Wes Climer - State Senate District 14
Billy Garrett - State Senate District 10
Michael Johnson - State Senate District 16
Josh Kimbrell - State Senate District 11
Chris Smith - State Senate District 26

State House Candidates

Joe Bustos - State House District 12
Patrick Haddon State House District 19
Jordan Pace - State House District 17
Adam Morgan - State House District 20
Sandy McGarry - State House District 44
Ashley Trantha - State House District 28
For more information and to sign up to get involved you can check out their website at You can also visit their Facebook page at
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