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Sunday, November 19, 2017 - 09:50 AM
Surprise: Trump May Become President PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 02 November 2016 00:00

The Clinton political machine could take the White House despite all the criminal investigations surrounding the candidate. For three decades Bill and Hillary Clinton have been all about avoiding paying for their crimes, proven and unproven.
Recently the tides began to turn and the winds to shift. It was announced by the White House that the cost of Obama-Care would increase as much as 100 percent next year. Some people had already been hit hard by Obama-Care including Small Businesses.

One national company in South Carolina has already increased premiums on their Long Term Care Policies by 40 percent. The policies stated and purchasers were promised that premiums would never increase and benefits would never be cut. Prior to the first rate increase, a letter informed policy holders that they were required to re-write all policies, not increase rates on the old policies. As a policy holder who had been paying premiums for several years, you had options. You could pay the increased premium and have the same benefits, you could drop the policy and forfeit all the premiums you had paid, or you could keep your premiums low and reduce your benefits .

17th Honor Flight Takes Veterans to Visit WWII Memorial PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gilbert Scales   
Wednesday, 02 November 2016 00:00

DSC 1535

Family members and friends wait to welcome Honor Flight veterans back to Greenville from trip to Washington, DC.

Gary Varvel Cartoons PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gary Varvel   
Wednesday, 02 November 2016 00:00



Hillary Collides with the Weiner File PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 02 November 2016 00:00

Christians in recent weeks across the nation have been praying that God would intervene and derail the Hillary Clinton steamroller speeding toward the presidency. Hillary Clinton may be the most corrupt and evil anti-Christian candidate to seek the presidency in American history. Thousands of prayers have been sincerely prayed and God always hears such prayers. Last Friday, these prayers seem to have been answered.

The FBI Director had announced, to the disappointment of conservatives and Christians that all charges against Hillary Clinton had been dropped, Democrats celebrated and Republicans mourned.

Then, this last Friday afternoon the FBI Director announced that he had received new information and he had reopened the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her complex email matters. The Director of the FBI sent a letter to the chairmen and minority leaders of the various congressional committees informing them that the case had been reopened. The Director gave no details. This omission angered the Hillary campaign and their supporters.

Gary Varvel Cartoons PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gary Varvel   
Wednesday, 02 November 2016 00:00



Democrats Losing Conservative Black Americans PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 26 October 2016 00:00

Republican Glen Robinson Challenging Liberal Democrat Senator Karl Allen in S.C. Senate District 7

As more African-Americans become financially and socially independent, they are feeling free to make their own political decisions, Patricia L. Dickson predicted in the American Thinker that “regardless of the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election, Donald Trump’s rise will force the Democratic Party to eventually have to address how it’s elected officials have neglected black Americans, it’s most loyal constituency.”

She wrote that the Democrat Party’s “worst nightmare” was when Trump reached out to blacks and asked: “What the ---- do you have to lose?”

Vietnam Hero And Author Addressed Legion Post 214 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 26 October 2016 00:00


J. L. “Bud” Alley is presented a Certificate of Appreciation from Major Rudolf Anderson, Jr. Post 214 by First Vice Commander Tony Dunn after speaking to members about his COMBAT experiences during the Vietnam War and about his book The Ghosts of the Green Grass.

Publisher Presented Commendation Medal PDF Print E-mail
Written by James M. Spurck   
Wednesday, 26 October 2016 00:00


The Times Examiner Publisher Bobby M. Dill was presented the Sons of Confederate Veterans Commendation Medal and framed Certificate in recognition of meritorious service to the 16th SC Regiment Camp 36. From left to right: Regimental Chaplain Mark Evans, Commander Rollis Smith, Bob Dill and Color Guard Sergeant Larry Guy.

Miss Liberty Entertains American Legion Members PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tony Dunn   
Wednesday, 26 October 2016 00:00


Members of Major Rudolf Anderson Jr. Post 214 American Legion were entertained  by Miss Liberty (Leslie Bouvier) during their monthly meeting at Taylors Ministry Center.

Praying Hands PDF Print E-mail
Written by Terry M. Thacker   
Wednesday, 26 October 2016 00:00

After touring the George Washington Carver National Monument, about which I wrote in the previous installment of this travel series and at which I had a chance encounter with someone who knew my uncle many years ago, I drove a few miles north to pay a quick visit to the Battle of Carthage State Historic Site.

The relatively small engagement took place on July 5, 1861, less than two months after the first shot of the War Between the States was fired at Fort Sumter. The battle was fought by the Confederate-sympathsizing Missouri State Guard, led by then-governor Claiborne F. Jackson and several Union regiments led by Union general Franz Sigel. The battle was pretty much a draw but it did serve the Confederacy in the sense that it inspired the recruitment of more soldiers for the Southern effort.
As I began to backtrack through Carthage, I made a brief stop at a church that I had seen on the way to the battlefield. By the sidewalk near the church was a sign that read, “Grace Church Bible Garden and Labyrinth.” Some liberal churches have adopted the pagan labyrinth to enhance their spiritual experience. I also passed a Vietnamese Roman Catholic monastery bearing the unbiblical name “Congregation of the Mother Coredemptrix.” Underneath that title were the words “Chi Dong Dong Cong.”
I soon connected with the interstate and drove into Joplin, where I had a hotel room waiting for me. The gentleman who checked me in gave me a list of locally-owned restaurants that he recommended.

Education System Pays Off for Leftists PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 26 October 2016 00:00

If Hillary Clinton becomes President of the United States, much of the credit goes to the National Education Association NEA. The NEA is the largest teacher’s union and a strong advocate for dumbing-down students while indoctrinating them with leftist and degenerate ideas and concepts.

The government schools K-12 soften the children up to be susceptible to brainwashing by undermining what they were taught by parents. Students are taught a humanistic religious belief system that insists that there is no God in control of the affairs of man and that man must control everything, including the weather. Eventually the government becomes a substitute god and must be depended on to provide everything people need. Politicians who promise everything people want, like Hillary Clinton, are the ideal people to run that government.

If students attend college and did not have strong parental guidance, they are likely to become radical leftist activists of the next generation.

Hillary Scandals PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gary Varvel   
Wednesday, 26 October 2016 00:00


Children Visit Four-Story Plantation Built around 1830 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pam Durham   
Wednesday, 19 October 2016 00:00

CofC 10-19-16

A joint meeting of Joseph Evan Davis 907, Children of the Confederacy (Greenville) and Bonnie Blue Flag Chapter 789 Children of the Confederacy (Anderson), was held on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 16, 2016, on the beautiful front piazza of the historic Woodburn Plantation.  This lovely home had been recommended by Dr. Tim Drake of Belton and Michael Barnes of Honea Path.  The two men are both descendants of the Pinckney family from two brothers of Charles Pinckney and have worked with the CofC and UDC Chapters for several years.  The Children were accompanied by several members of the Robert E. Lee 146 UDC Chapter in Anderson, the Winnie Davis 442 UDC Chapter in Greenville, and members from the SCV.

Trusting Hillary Is the End of Hope PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mike Scruggs   
Wednesday, 19 October 2016 00:00

After notice of a Congressional subpoena to investigate Secretary of State Clinton’s using a private computer server to conduct both State Department and personal business, Clinton had her staff and lawyers destroy 33,000 emails that might be used as evidence against her. Destroying evidence while under investigation is a serious criminal act punishable by years in prison.   After an FBI investigation lasting 12 months by approximately 100 FBI agents and department of Justice attorneys, FBI Director James Comey, even after reading a long list of serious infractions of U.S. security regulations that may have gravely compromised U.S. national security, calling Clinton’s actions merely “extremely careless,” declined to bring charges against her.
Now we are learning through Wikileak, Judicial Watch, retired Homeland Security agent, Philip Haney (author of the just published book, See Something, Say Nothing, and other sources that many of these emails contained information that would finish the career of any politician not protected by a staggering cabal of establishment media protecting their own self-interests.

I Voted! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 19 October 2016 00:00

As a legally qualified absentee voter, I voted last week. The choice was easy and did not take a lot of thought. Under no circumstances could I vote for Hillary Clinton, an anti-American, mendacious, career politician who has become wealthy using government power and government offices to reward friends, punish opponents and avoid prosecution for alleged crimes.

Hillary has promised to stack the Supreme Court and other federal courts with liberal judges that will destroy the republic and eliminate freedom for Americans. That alone should be enough to cause any thinking voter to vote for another candidate. She has sent a clear signal that she will operate the Justice Department as a criminal enterprise advocating for the Clinton Administration and persecuting their political opponents.

Hillary would probably be more of a military Hawk than Obama. She does not like to be challenged and she “loathes the military” and would have no qualms about sending them into battle for any petty reason to be killed to enhance her image.

Trump Boxing with GOP PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gary Varvel   
Monday, 31 October 2016 19:46


Sorry Candidates PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gary Varvel   
Wednesday, 19 October 2016 00:00


Hillary Finally Gets Confronted PDF Print E-mail
Written by David Thompson   
Wednesday, 19 October 2016 00:00

Donald Trump nailed the queen, in public and to her face. At the second debate held on Oct. 9th Donald Trump did what we have been waiting for, for 30 years to happen, he confronted Hillary Clinton about her illegal and shameless behavior. Bravo, Mr. Trump…well done.

Hillary Clinton has been allowed to get away with all sorts of conduct that would have put anybody else in prison. The most recent example of such was her using a private email server for official business while she was Secretary of State, and destroying thousands of emails which are public property. That the FBI/DOJ allowed this to happen and chose not to indict her is proof of how Obama has made the government into a completely political institution. Obama has destroyed the rule of law, but the fact is, he has been allowed to do that by a compliant Congress. Progressivism is a disease and most of those currently involved in government have been infected by it.

Election 2016 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gary Varvel   
Wednesday, 19 October 2016 00:00



Why Did THEY WANT The Gas-Tax Hike Increase? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Staff Report   
Wednesday, 12 October 2016 00:00

In March of this year the SC legislature ended debate on a gas-tax hike meant to add $1.2 billion a year to the budget supposedly needed to fix SC roads and ease congestion and instead went with an alternative plan by the GOP to provide $400 million in additional funds with the reform of the state Transportation Department.

Why then is Greenville-Pickens, South Carolina, the Federal Government and ultimately the UN surging ahead with surveys and studies and plans to restructure our transportation system?

Horizon 2040, Greenville-Pickens new Long Range Transportation Plan under the auspices of GPATS (the Greenville-Pickens Area Transportation Study) is planning for the provision of regional transportation for a 777-square-mile area that’s home to more than 500,000 residents.  It covers most of Greenville and Pickens counties and smaller portions of Anderson, Laurens and Spartanburg counties.

When completed, Horizon 2040 will identify improvements to be funded through the year 2040.  The plan considers all travel modes, including automobiles, bicycles, pedestrians, transit and freight.  It insists that it is interested in the residents concerns and offers a prepared list of categories to which residents can respond.

Traveling With Terry Visits The Clinton House Museum PDF Print E-mail
Written by Terry M. Thacker   
Wednesday, 12 October 2016 00:00

ClintonHouse Page-01


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