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Monday, September 25, 2017 - 03:59 AM
Kingdom Seminar on America’s Christian Worldview Held in Columbia PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jeff West   
Wednesday, 30 November 2016 00:00

A Kingdom Seminar on America’s Christian worldview was held at Columbia Evangelical Church on September 24, 2016.  It was sponsored by Rev. E. Ray Moore (Lt. Col.), USAR Ret., of Frontline Ministries and the Exodus Mandate Project (, and Dan Smithwick of the Nehemiah Institute (  There were three presentations: 1: World History from A Biblical Perspective; 2: 30 Years of Youth Worldview; and 3: Review of American Historical Worldview.

Smithwick presented “The Story of Christendom,” outlining major historical events from Creation to the present.  He observed that approximately every 500 years a major historical event occurs wherein God lets man know that He still exists.  He noted the following approximate dates and events: 2500 BC: Noah’s flood; 2000 B.C.: Creation of Israel; 1500 B.C.:  Exodus/Mosaic Law; 1000 B.C.: Beginning of Kingdoms; 500 B.C.: Rebuilding Israel after Babylonian Exile; 0 A.D.: Jesus’ Birth, Death and Resurrection; 500 A.D.: Consolidation of Christendom; 1000 A.D.: the Light of the Church; and 1500 A.D.: the Protestant Reformation.  He believes that near 2000 A.D., God is about to cause another major event.  Smithwick, who was in business management with AT&T for twenty years, believes a global financial collapse will soon occur to bring us to repentance.  Consequently, he is trying to wake America up to do God’s will.

HK Edgerton: Suing the NAACP PDF Print E-mail
Written by H.K. Edgerton   
Wednesday, 30 November 2016 00:00

Friday morning, November 25, 2016,  in the uniform of the Southern soldier, I posted the Southern Cross approximately 3 blocks from the entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was a smoke filled morning from the fires that raged in the mountains making the cars that passed barely visible except for their headlights.

About 7:30 AM, a car pulled into the driveway of a business adjacent to where I stood, and a young Black lady approached me saying, “Sir, what is this all about?”  “Read my sign,” I replied. “United Nations, Beware! Nikki Judas Haley. Coming!”
I can recount the story of a young man doped up on mind altering drugs, who would come to a church in Charleston, South Carolina, where with wide open arms, the parishioners would welcome him into the House of God, and he would reward them with the hideous crime of murder.

American Legion SC Dept. Commander Visits Post 214 Awards Banquet PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stuart McClure   
Wednesday, 30 November 2016 00:00


American Legion SC Dept. Commander Bob Scherer and his wife Sherry are greeted by Clyde Mabry, 3rd District Commander, at the American Legion Post 214 Awards Banquet.


Charlie Clifton, holding the certificate above, receives a Certificate General Award and medal from American Legion SC Dept. Commander Bob Schere, Post 214 Charter Commander Steve Zietz and Current Commander Tony Dunn.

SC Veterans Association Director Honors Korean War Veterans PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lewis Vaughn   
Wednesday, 30 November 2016 00:00


Director Lewis Vaughn talking with Gwyneth Saunders, commander, Sun City, SC Veterans Association on Veterans Day November 11, 2016. Lewis was the keynote speaker at the Sun City, SC Veterans Day event hosted by the Sun City Veterans Association. He presented the Korea Peace Medal to many deserving Korean War Veterans.

Post 214 Recieves Appreciation from Pat Ramsey PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stuart McClure   
Wednesday, 30 November 2016 00:00


Pat Ramsey, President of Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 253 in Greenville, presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Major Rudolf Anderson, Jr. Post 214 Commander Tony Dunn for financial support of their recent golf touramemnt.

Philip Porter Revolutionary War Patriot Honored on Veterans Day PDF Print E-mail
Written by Helga Rogers   
Wednesday, 30 November 2016 00:00


American Legion Post 214 at Porter Chapel honoring Philip Porter Revolutionary War Patriot on Veterans Day. Philip is Charlie Porter’s 3rd Great Grandfather born in 1775. Left to right: Pete Bellinger, Charlie Porter, Peter Butchart, Post 214 Adjutant Carroll Kelley, Trumpteer Jamie Richards, JD Norris from the Andrews Pickens Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) in Greenville and Donny Carson from the Gen. Daniel Morgan SAR in Spartanburg.

Loftis to Lead Greenville County Legislative Delegation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 23 November 2016 00:00

Former Senator Lewis Vaughn Reappointed to Hospital Board

TE DwightLoftisThe Greenville County Legislative Delegation  elected  Representative Dwight Loftis to be their chairman for the next year. State Senator Karl Allen will serve as vice chairman and Representative Garry Smith will continue to serve as delegation secretary.
During the same November 21 meeting, the Delegation voted to return former Senator Lewis Vaughn to the Greenville Hospital System Board of Directors.
A total of five board members were appointed to fill six vacancies. Those appointed in addition to Vaughn were the reappointment of  Anna Kate Hipp, and the appointment of Scot Baddley, Michael Ellison, and Michael Smith. Richard Phillipa from Oconee County failed to get reappointed and his vacancy was returned to the Hospital Board for resubmission.

The Delegation Received update on Pinnacle Mountain Fire – Requested more closed-cab dozers.


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