What has always been (until the 2016 Presidential election) the most prominent characteristic of the Constitutional Republic given to us by our Founders?  It has been the more or less peaceful transition of governmental power from one presidential administration to the next—in many cases from one political party to a different one.  That was what almost always separated us from the wild and mob dominated “politics” of other countries on this planet. 

But since the election of Donald Trump in November, 2016 as our 45th President, the fabric of the “robe of Presidential investiture” seems to be unraveling in a tangle of lies, conspiracy theories, invectives, incriminations, falsehoods, crimes, threats of impeachment, and downright malevolence!  All done deliberately by the purveyors of perfidy, the mad dogs of mendacity, the sellers of socialist stupidity and mediocrity—the disgusting politicians I now refer to as the “Klan of New Bolsheviks”—i.e. the former Democrat Party, and ALL who support their anti-American and anti-liberty collectivist nonsense (including for certain the top level administrators of our no-longer very honorable   F.B.I.)!  Watching the shenanigans of the scurrilous New Bolsheviks (formerly known as Democrats) now infesting the District of Criminals and Corruption, who are recklessly seeking to overturn our proven and “ancient ways”, it’s becoming ever more apparent that mass democracy is not good for our American nation, and never will be!

Why is this happening to us?  Why did the usual peaceful transition of power begin to corrode before our eyes even before Donald Trump was sworn in as our lawfully elected President?   “AntiFa” bullies and anarchists and leftist mobs have been threatening our peace, our property, and our lives, as they flood our streets and universities with meaningless and Marxist rhetoric and mob violence, doing the bidding of the “Gnomes of Ultimate Power”—people like the scurrilous George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, and their allies who control the kept whores of the main stream media.  Why are we pathetically sitting on our hands, watching our duly elected President Trump being mercilessly attacked DAILY by these Dumbocrat LOW LIFE anti-constitutionalists in our House of Representatives, and by the cowardly RINOS in our Senate (led surreptitiously by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell—a well known lover of China and certain Chinese business interests), as he struggles valiantly, and mostly ALONE, to try to save our disintegrating nation from the hordes of lawless, desperate, disgusting, and dangerous INVADERS from south of our border? (And make no mistake about it—these people ARE INVADERS who intend to harm Americans, some with just the intentions of looting our overly generous and close-to-bankrupt welfare system, but others with the intentions of unleashing violence and bloodshed and racial/religious warfare upon us in our own cities and neighborhoods.)   

Are we Americans losing what has always been our political strength?  Are we slowly succumbing to the WRONG belief that our governmental system is a “pure democracy”, was designed as such from our beginning, and can be easily changed by violent mobs and cunning politicians?  Just exactly WHAT is “pure democracy” and why did our Founders fear it? I’d like to share with you a penetrating article from the Blog:  Center For Self Governance.  It was written by Bill Norton, and published on Jan. 23, 2017.  I quote from this easily understood explanation as to WHY what is happening to us IS happening:

“…(H)istory has proven the road to mass democracy will lead to turmoil, contention, anarchy, and will necessarily result in a tyrannical oligarchy that will be difficult to reverse….

America’s Framers sought a form of government that would eliminate the extremes of tyranny and anarchy.  George Washington described this human struggle wherein “there is a natural and necessary progression from the extreme of anarchy to the extreme of tyranny”. (Circular to the States, June 8, 1783).  Jefferson hoped that “the pendulum will rest in the middle”. (Letter to William Smith, Feb. 2, 1788).   

“The Framers analyzed history to identify what forms of government  would  best promote liberty rather than tyranny or anarchy.  They discovered NO single form.  They did discover that parts of one added to pieces of another provided a solution and from these created a unique mixed form of government with ‘separation of powers’ and ‘checks and balances’.  Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what is for dinner.  Great for the wolves, bad for the sheep.  It could be said that our Republic is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner, with a LAW that none of the three can be on the menu!

“All societies are made up of warring factions and have been throughout history….  The Framers realized that the only way to have good government is to provide the best representation for each faction.  The way to accomplish this is with a ‘mixed’ form of government, which includes the most advantageous parts of a democracy, republic, oligarchy, and monarchy.  They knew that mass (pure) democracy would become the tyranny of the majority, which has proven to  be just as incompatible with freedom as any tyrant on earth.  John Adams said, ‘While (democracy) lasts it is more bloody than either (aristocracy or monarchy)’….  (D)emocracy never lasts long.  It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.  There never was a democracy yet, that did not commit suicide’. (Letter to John Taylor, Dec. 17, 1814).

“James Madison said in Federalist #10: ‘…democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have

in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their

deaths’.  It is clear the Framers did NOT create a democracy, nor did

they even consider it.  Some democratic principles are good, and must be kept, but if we remove the safeguards against the tyranny of democracy, we will be left in ruins like every other democracy in history.”

Read that last sentence again, my fellow Americans.  Let the truth of that statement sink in.  If the wisdom incorporated in our system of government becomes disregarded and discarded, as I fear that it is, our beloved American Constitutional Republic  will disintegrate into ruins “like every other democracy in history”. Continuing with Bill Norton’s article:

We are witnessing the tyranny of democracy being played out during this current transition of power (he wrote this shortly after President Trump’s victory in November, 2016).  Refusal to accept the outcome of

the election based on the popular vote; protests that lead to riots in the streets; boycotts and calling for the elimination of the Electoral College, are just a few symptoms of being conditioned to believe our form of government is a pure democracy.

“Voting is the most democratic part of our institutions.  It gives the majority of the people direct control over political offices and legislation through the referendum and initiative processes.  But care must be taken to check the mob rule mentality that often accompanies democracy ‘actions’.  We need a variety of voting methods to prevent mass democracy.  The problems that come with the democratic action of voting are kept in check by the law, appointed positions, the Electoral College, federalism, and legislative bodies.


In the (2016) presidential election, wasn’t each candidate promoted as the ‘savior of our nation’?  The rallying cries on both sides declared that if their candidate didn’t win, America would not survive four more years.  We act as if we are electing a king; then we get angry when they act like a king.  This is…predictable in a democratic election, and is exactly why we do NOT have a purely democratic method for electing the POTUS.  It was for this very reason the Framers wisely created the Electoral College… (which) was specifically designed to prevent two things:

  • To keep the presidential office from becoming that of a ‘king’, a politically charged popularity contest in which the new president only caters to the majority that put them in office…
  • To shore up the principle of Federalism…in which our rights can be protected by one level of government if they are abused by another level of government. The E.C. keeps the presidential election local rather that nationalizing it.  If we do away with the Electoral College, the POTUS would be elected by a few populous states and larger  cities…--hardly a true representation of the people of America.

“One of the most dangerous things about democracy is the ability of the majority to vote away the natural rights of a few.  This danger is safeguarded by law.  We institute specific rules and laws that cannot be changed by a simple vote of the people.  Laws must be filtered through multiple bodies representing various branches of government.  For example—“democracy” in the House of Representatives, “oligarchy” in the Senate, “monarchy” in the President, “oligarchy in the Courts, and finally back to “democracy” in the jury (system).  This process protects each of us from the tyrannies of mob rule, an elite class, or a monarch.


“There is great wisdom in directly electing the House of Representatives every two years.  That gives the people a house of the own to directly affect the federal government.  But the House can be emotional and moved by every whim.  To check that volatility we have the Senate, but we corrupted that check in 1913 with (passage of) the 17th Amendment—the direct election of Senators.  We turned BOTH houses into ‘democracy’.  We are left with a self-serving Senate that neither represents the people nor the states.  We must rethink the 17th Amendment and return to appointing our Senators by State legislatures, as originally designed (in the U.S. Constitution).

Our legislative bodies protect us from a pure democracy by establishing fixed laws through a lengthy, deliberative process… (which) guards our legislative process from the tyranny of the majority.  Our system was based on a careful study of history, but we have abandoned some fundamental discoveries without an understanding of the history or purpose those principles had in the first place.  Most of our meddling has been to either centralize or democratize the system.  Ironically, the two represent a simultaneous move closer to tyranny and anarchy, the very extremes our original republican system was built to avoid…

“Democracy is a temptation not easily refused.  But too much of a good thing is NOT a good thing.  Too much democracy is violent and destructive, as evidenced by the current political climate.  We must keep the necessary guards in place to keep just the right amount of democracy, while protecting our freedoms from mob rule.  We must abandon the road to mass democracy and return to simply keeping our Republic as the Framers designed it”

Bill Norton’s observations are compatible with the ORIGINAL INTENT of the wise men who framed and codified our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Unfortunately, in our day other men merely pretending to be wise have decided that our Founders’ thoughts and protections for the American people are hopelessly outmoded, old fashioned relics of a bygone era, designed only for a small population of homogeneous states.  We accept this deliberate mendacity at our peril!  We don’t protect our “chickens” by giving a small band of “foxes” the keys to the chicken house, and we can’t protect and defend our Constitution and our freedoms by giving total power to those “sly foxes” in the District of Criminals and Corruption and in the ALWAYS pro-progressive (Democrat) and mostly anti-conservative main stream media, by allowing them to tell us how wrong our Founders were.

We, the patriotic people of America, cannot be silent and allow the despicable process of the deliberate attempted destruction of our legally elected president, Donald Trump, by the treacherous Bolsheviks of the increasingly SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT PARTY to proceed without any strong protests from us!  We are the people who elected him.  We are the people whose futures are being increasingly imperiled by the vermin of the left.  Please make sure YOUR House representative and YOUR two senators, and anyone else that has some influence, know of YOUR opposition to this treachery—this incipient TREASON—by the anti-American Democrat Socialist Party in its battle to purge our pro-America president and implement their plans to convert the U.S.A. into their “vision” of a Socialist Peoples’ Republic—i.e. a communist tyranny-- run by THEM. Don’t be fooled by their syrupy platitudes that they are “true patriots” who are struggling to uphold our Constitutional  values against an “out of control” president.  THEY ARE NOT SUCH!  They are the BARBARIANS not only “at” the gates, but are already “within” the gates of our government and most of our cultural institutions, and they are threatening to loot, ravage, and destroy those hard-won institutions of freedom just like all the barbarians of history . 

They are NOT our fellow Americans who are merely pursuing a somewhat different vision of American freedoms and greatness.  They are cultural and political MARXISTS, despisers of liberty, lovers of total control, hiding in the halls of government and education and communications and our financial system, even lurking in our top military ranks and in our own White House,  who are seeking to totally overthrow the institutions of freedom that have given the American people, over most of our existence, the greatest degree of liberty and prosperity in the long and painful history of mankind!  If you—if we—value those liberties and the heritage of freedom so painfully won by our ancestors, WE MUST NOT LET THESE LOVERS OF COLLECTIVIST TYRANNY WIN OVER US—NOT NOW—NOT EVER!

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