Chapter 12 - The Synkasti Trolls’ Path to Evil

Mountain in Romsdal Norway
Mountain in Romsdal, Norway

According to the Annals of Rusa, the servant of Jumala, these things were revealed to him in the land of Eurartu before the great journey of the troll tribes to Norway:

“All the purposes of Jumala, the Creator of all things, are wise and good beyond the understanding of men or trolls. His wisdom and power are everlasting and without limit. Nothing exists beyond his knowledge and control. Not even the smallest creature falls asleep and returns to dust outside of Jumala’s knowledge and will. Even the mighty oceans obey the limits he has set. Their waves come no farther than his command. He says to the great whirlwinds, ‘Be still!’ and they cease their roaring rage at once and disappear. Nothing can be hidden from him or prevail against his will. Truth and love are inseparable from his nature and are written upon all his works. They are his banners forever. His ways are perfect, and his rule without limit or end. Even the stars sing of his glory.”

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Chapter 11 - The Early History of the Trolls

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Rauma River, Norway

Long, long ago, even before the people of Thor, or Odin, or Frey came to Northern Europe, Norway was inhabited by a race of trolls. Following the age of endless winter, warm winds began to bless the Great Sea, and Jumala swept away the ancient fog that covered Norway’s mountains and fjords. There dawned a new age of many sun-bright days and blue skies, revealing the great beauty and wisdom of Jumala, the Creator of all things.

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Excerpts from March 17 Kyiv Independent et al.

Ukrainian soldier, age 51, at Bakhmut medical stabilization point

Ukrainian soldier, age 51, at Bakhmut medical stabilization point.

I have subscribed to the Kyiv Independent Ukraine Daily for a little more than a year as a source of news on political, economic, military, and foreign policy issues in Ukraine. This has, of course, been largely war news since March 2022.  Shortly after the war began, all news on the war had to be approved by the Ukrainian Army General Staff. There is no longer unfettered free speech or a free press in Ukraine, and political parties and media opposed to President Volodymyr Zelensky have been closed down. Nevertheless, carefully read, the Kyiv Independent Daily, despite its obvious restrictions,  understandable pro-Ukrainian bias, and ultra-strong anti-Russian slant, can sometimes be a source of truth unavailable elsewhere. Sometimes you have to read between the lines, and sometimes someone slips in something you know the Ukrainian General Staff and Internal Security Police would not approve unless they had some circuitous special objective. One possible motive is the desperate need for more financial and political support from the West against impending Russian victory. However, sometimes journalists insist on slipping some uncomfortable truths in their work despite pressures to conform to propaganda objectives.

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Chapter 10 - The Battle of Flatmark

North Flatmark 2020 2174

North Flatmark 2020

The first night at Flatmark, after Ketel, Ivar, and Flicka departed to search for Marja, went smoothly. The wolves and reindeer took turns patrolling the perimeter of the farm. The reindeer, who with their huge antlers could not have easily gotten through the door of the longhouse, slept in the barn with Barki, when they were not on patrol duty. Trude and Valda found that although the reindeer were very large, they were quite tame and enjoyed giving the girls a ride on their backs. Besides, it was a safe place for them. The wolves had also become inseparable from the twins. They stayed close to them during the day and watched their every move. During the night they snuggled close to the girls and did not seem to mind them pulling their fur and ears. 

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Media Bias, KGB Funding of Antiwar Groups, and Powder Puff Air-Warfare

Sec of State Dean Rusk Pres Lyndon Johnson Def Sec Robert McNamara

Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Pres. Lyndon Johnson, Defense Sec. Robert McNamara.

The Vietnam War was a Two-Front war in this sense: There was a military front and a political and propaganda front. The military front was Vietnam, but also Laos, and Cambodia. The political and propaganda front was the American home front and an intense battle for American public .opinion.

The leaders of North Vietnam were strong believers in the wisdom of studying history. They remembered that the French did not abandon Indochina after eight years because they lost the Battle of Dien Bien Phu in May 1954, where 14,000 French Union and Foreign Legion troops in an isolated mountain valley were defeated by 80,000 unexpectedly mobile and well-equipped North Vietnamese. The North Vietnamese had put their primary focus on undermining the will of the French people by propaganda and political agitation. Dien Bien Phu was a tragic but recoverable loss, but in a two-front war, it was the propaganda and agitation in France, which was ultimately decisive and had worn out the French Parliament and lost Indochina. Between 1959 and 1963, the Soviet Union began sowing seeds of propaganda and agitation in the U.S. through Communist front organizations and sympathetic academic and media organizations. Hence the media reporting on the war typically reflected a leftist, anti-war bias.     

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