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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 03:22 PM


First Published in 1994


Everts Electables Runoff 2024

PLEASE NOTE—IMPORTANT DETAIL: do not take this flier to the polls. By law, you may take only a list of names and offices to the polling site.

  • For candidates already in an office, I have been able to check voting records. My comments reflect their voting records over the course of their tenure.
  • For those who have never run for office before, and who claim a position, I will state their claim, but understand I have nothing by which to verify that claim.
  • Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. A photo ID is required to vote in South Carolina.

This year there is one important dynamic going on—the SC House GOP Leadership has decided to coordinate with the Chamber of Commerce and a few consultants to have a coordinated campaign against the Freedom Caucus members across the state.  They are using language and tactics that conservatives have had thrown at them for years, its just that had always been from the Democrats and the liberals. Example: Extremist, racist, bigot, etc.  Now the GOP leadership is using the same tactics and some of the verbiage of the liberals and twisting the meaning of votes in the House to an extreme, where the truth will not be found.  The establishment has decided to get rid of the Freedom Caucus any way they can, by hook or crook.

3rd Congressional

Mark Burns (http://www.markburns.org)       

African American pastor from Easley. He gave a prayer at Donald Trump’s inauguration and goes on the news shows and defends the president regularly.  He has a very charismatic personality. Served in the Army National Guard for 6 years and was honorably discharged.  He has openly talked about the fact that he was a Democrat and that Trump and his campaign and issues helped him see his views were closer to the GOP, and switched parties and traveled with President Trump and campaigned on his behalf in 2020.  Pro-Life, Pro Military, in favor of building the Wall at the border, and regularly speaks out against the woke and cancel culture. Campaigns as an American First candidate, Issues he is campaigning on: Secure our Borders, Uphold the rule of Law, Economic Revival, and Pushing back the Woke agenda.  He has the personal endorsement from Donald J Trump, he regularly speaks with the former president.  At a recent debate he took a strong stand on securing the border, and finishing the wall, we need to do an audit of the DMV, and the voter rolls to make sure non-citizens are not voting.  He stated that his belief is that life begins at conception, but reiterated Trumps stance, that the life issue is a state’s rights issue not a federal one.  Stop printing money, stop overspending, stop spending on wars and become energy independent, strong supporter of Israel.  Pastor Burns is the most charismatic candidate in this race, he brings energy and passion the race for our issues.  He has an AQ rank from the NRA and an A rank from GOA.  According to the FEC as of the end of the 1st Qtr, he has raised or has loans for a little under 520K. Endorsed by Steward Jones.

Sherri Biggs (https://www.sheribiggs.com)   

Lt. Colonel in the Air National Guard, board certified nurse practitioner and mental health nurse practitioner. She has worked in nursing from the Intensive Care Unit to the administrator of a nursing care home.  She has a Dr. of Nursing Practice.  Issues are Secure the Border, Fiscal Responsibility, Defend the Sanctity of Life, Drain the Swamp, and Keep the promises to our Veterans.  At the debate she would prioritize jobs going to citizens first, supporter of Israel, we need to cut spending but not border security.  She stated she is pro-life, but reiterated Trumps stance, that the life issue is a state’s rights issue not a federal one. Some have criticized her for her husband’s donations to Democrat politicians in the state.  For some reason she has decided not to go on our local radio show (The Tara Servatius Show) to be interviewed, which is very disappointing and has caused me to second guess my early good opinion of her campaign.  She has an AQ rank from the NRA and an A rank from GOA.  She has been endorsed by Governor McMaster.  When Mrs. Biggs did eventually go on the Tara Show on WORD radio, it was apparent why she did not want to go on in the first place.  She did not have good answers for the host on her husband’s donations, or where some of the money is coming from that is supporting her campaign.

Evert:  I endorse and would vote for Mark Burns.  I believe that Mark Burns is the only conservative left in the race.  I believe Sherri Biggs is a moderate.



Senate 6

Ben Carper (http://www.drbencarper.com)

Ben Carper is a native of Greenville. Ben has a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Psychology, Doctor of Divinity, and Doctor of Sacred Literature. He taught high school for nine years and college for eight years. He has been a real estate broker in the area for the past 30 years. He is passionate about the people of Greenville County and firmly believes in their potential to contribute towards a flourishing community.  He is a man of faith who understands people want the opportunity to work, keep more of their money, be proud property owners, and enjoy a quality of life in their safe and secure communities.  Ben is committed to protecting Greenville County citizens from the massive intrusion and over-regulated actions of big government and its globalist partners, not just on a county level but on the state level as well. He plans to give taxpayers more power over their own money and to support the parental rights of the constituents of Greenville County. He plans to run as a true conservative Republican who takes no authority from anyone other than his trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and the citizens of Greenville County. He fully supports the local Greenville County GOP platform and plans to work with the SC Freedom Caucus as a State Senator. The issues he’s running on are Citizen Control of State and Local Government, Lower Taxes, Less Government, Support for Fire and Police, anti-woke and cultural Marxism, Immigration, Election Integrity, Judicial Reform, against Scout deal, favors money following child for School Choice, against red flag laws in favor of opting out of vaccine mandates. Endorsed by Dr. Bob Jones III and Palmetto Conservative Fund.

Jason Elliott (http://votejasonelliott.com)

Former staffer of Senator Jim DeMint. He is an attorney in town. He has been involved in politics locally for a long time. He has a 100% Pro-Life voting record. Mr. Elliott has been the House member for District 22 for several years. He is currently the only openly gay man serving in the House. His voting record is a little mixed. He’s a supporter of gun rights, he has a very strong pro-life record, and he is a supporter of school choice. He has been endorsed by and received an “A” ranking from the NRA. He voted for the Save Women’s Sports bill on the open floor, but against it in committee. From what I can see he is trying to represent his district, even when his views may be different from his district. His CPAC rating is 58%. His Club for Growth rank is 20%. Received a 67% from SC Policy Council. Endorsed by the NRA. His endorsement list is too long to even list. Both the House leadership and the State Senate leadership tried to keep anyone from running against him. The SC Senate GOP Caucus is already sending mailers on his behalf even though he is not yet the nominee. He is the favored candidate of the Columbia establishment. Having said all that, if Mr. Elliott were running for a Senate seat outside the Upstate, he would be the conservative choice. As of the March filing deadline he had raised just shy of $200,000.  After the primary he was endorsed by Josh Kimbrell and Dan Nickles.

Evert: Since the Primary Mr. Elliott has made the accusation that Mr. Carper does not live in the district; since much of that discussion gets into the legal weeds, I am going to forego that and allow the process to move forward for those who are experts in these matters.  But I still have to vote in this race since this is my district, so I will vote as I did in the primary and let the chips fall where they may. I will vote for Dr. Carper.  My wife is voting for Carper.  In my opinion he is the most conservative candidate.   


Senate 12

Lee Bright (https://www.facebook.com/senatorleebright)         

Raised in Pauline and graduated from Dorman High School. He has been in the trucking and insurance businesses. He was the former State Senator from this district before Mr. Talley defeated him in the Republican primary. The governor at the time, Nikki Haley, coordinated with the Chamber of Commerce to defeat Lee Bright because of his sponsoring and support of the “bathroom bill” which stipulated people were required to use the bathroom corresponding to their biological sex. I believe he was the most conservative state senator while in office. He also was the most difficult senator to get along with. There were a lot of conservatives that did not come to his aid due to burnt bridges. In 2014 he ran for US Senate against Lindsey Graham, and in 2018 ran for the open 4th Congressional seat. His campaign issues are: Pro-Life, 2nd Amendment, Immigration, Roads, and Spending. When he was in the Senate he was known as a fighter for conservative values. Because of his history in the district and having run for office at the state level, his entrance into the race makes him the odds-on favorite to win.

In the past, he openly supported and endorsed Ron Paul for President. He is a very charismatic, in-your-face, street-fighting conservative. Because of that, he rubs some people the wrong way. I’ve even had issues with him because of tactics and strategies. Generally speaking, he marches to his own drum.  He received an “A” ranking from the NRA.  The pre-election report showed he raised over $100K.  Endorsed by Palmetto Conservative Fund, and the Palmetto Gun Rights.

Roger Nutt (https://www.rogernut.com)

Current State House member representing District 34. Life-long resident of Spartanburg County. He is a licensed professional engineer in SC and GA. He served on County Council District 6. Campaign issues: more freedom & less government, 2nd Amendment, roads and infrastructure, unborn lives matter, Taxes, “go woke – go broke”, and opportunities. He had been a strong proponent of fixing immigration and voted for constitutional carry. Strong supporter of first responders and police and his record reflects that. Voted in favor of pro-life and “Save Women’s Sports”. He received an “A” ranking from the NRA and their endorsement. CPAC ranking of 69 and SCPC ranking of 78. In the State House he is in the top 20 most conservative. He is strongly pro-life, pro-gun, low tax, pro-business. Endorsed by Nat’l Assoc. of Realtors and Spartanburg Home Builders Assoc.  Finance report shows the money raised is about 90K, with no loans.  Endorsed by Sen Scott Talley (incumbent who is not running again), State Senator Josh Kimbrell, Rep Travis Moore, Murrell Smith (Speaker of the House), Rep John McCravy (Pro-Life leader and Chairman of the Family Caucus).

Evert: In many of the other races, conservatives usually have to choose between a conservative and moderate in the election.  In this runoff you have a choice between two conservatives.  Mr. Nutt and Mr. Bright are both in my opinion conservates and regardless of who wins the district will be well represented.  Their conservative values are very similar, but their styles and temperaments are very different.  Mr. Bright is more conservative, and he is more hard-nosed and brash.  Mr. Nutt has a different style than Bright and is able to work with more people to get things done. 


Senate 23

Carlise Kennedy (https://votecarlislekennedy.com)             

He was born and grew up in Lexington County. He graduated from Clemson University, where he earned a bachelor’s in corporate finance with a minor in accounting and a master’s in business administration.  He started his own tech company after college. He then went to University of South Carolina Law School and received his law degree.  After passing the Bar he began working as an assistant solicitor for Rick Hubbard in the 11th Judicial Circuit, prosecuting crimes in Lexington, Saluda, Edgefield and McCormick counties.  He is now in private practice.

“I have experience in business creation, management, law enforcement, and private practice. My considerable experience shares 1 common thread – I am always fighting for people. My education and experience has [sic] refined those skills and I now volunteer myself to work for you. To fight for you at the State level against a Government that must be kept in check and held accountable to its actions.”  “We need common sense leadership that backs law enforcement, prioritizes infrastructure before growth, provides workforce development that promotes prosperity, and safeguards the traditional values that make Lexington County great.” His Issues are Fiscal responsibility, Pro-Life, Government overreach, Education, 2nd Amendment rights, Religious Liberty, Protecting or Citizens, Immigration, and repairing our Roads.  I could not find the scorecard from the NRA on this race, but he lists the NRA and GOA as organizations he is a member of and speaks about his support of Gun Rights.  He is endorsed by Zoe Warren, Ryan McCabe, and RJ May, the SCCL Life PAC, John Warren’s SC Conservative Future

Katrina Shealy – INCUMBENT (https://www.katrinashealy.com)

She is an insurance executive and has been in the industry for the past 40 years. She is a licensed Life, Accident and Health Insurance Agent and has held a Property and Casualty Insurance License since 1976 and a South Carolina Brokers License since 1993. In the Senate, she has led efforts to eliminate the state income tax; and, for her efforts, Shealy received the South Carolina Friend of the Taxpayer Award in 2013. She has been an advocate for those who have suffered from domestic violence and has fought to strengthen the penalties for those who are convicted of domestic violence crimes.  Senator Shealy was recognized as the 2015 Legislator of the Year by the South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse.  She was first elected to the state senate as a petition candidate when the good ol’ boys club threw her and hundreds off the ballot in 2012.  I supported her in that race as a petition candidate.  This past cycle she led the fight in the Senate to filibuster and tried to kill the Heartbeat pro-life bill.  She is PRO CHOICE and is not pro-life.  As such, this is why she is in a runoff, and why I cannot support her any longer.  She has been endorsed by the Conservation Voters of SC (who have stated on their website their goal this year is to work against the Freedom Caucus.)  Unstated was their wish to support more moderate establishment candidates.  Received an A ranking and the endorsement from the NRA. Endorsed by Atty General Alan Wilson, Sen Tim Scott, SC Senator Josh Kimbrell, SC Senator Shane Martin, Rep Micah Caskey and former Adjutant General Robert E Livingston, Jr.

Evert: I can NO LONGER support Sen Shealy—she is Pro-Choice, I endorse and would vote for Carlise Kennedy to be the next State Senator.



State House District #9

James Galyean (https://www.jamesgalyean.com)     

He grew up in Boiling Springs, SC, went to college at Furman, and then got a Law degree from USC.  He and his wife worked in D.C. for several years and were there during the attacks of 9/11.  He worked in D.C. as an attorney doing many national security issue matters, he helped work on the briefs that kept the detainees at Gitmo out of our court system and kept their status as enemy combatants, not civilians.  He came back to SC and went to work as Assistant United States Attorney.  He is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of South Carolina and the Supreme Court of the United States. Issues are Border Security, School Choice, Energy Security, Protecting the Farming way of Life, Protecting SC Territorial Integrity.  He received a 100% Rank from the SC Citizens for Life, Received an A ranking from the NRA.  Endorsed by Alexa Newman (a pro-life leader), Jon Holmes Anderson Civic Leader & Chick Fil A Operator, Dennis Burt (Board of Director for SC Club for Growth), Renea Rowland, Blake Grice, Audrey Shaw (pro-life leader), Mom and Pop Alliance, Matt Harbin, Kelly & Danny Boulware, Dr. Bill Bennett, Kevin Bryant, and FL Governor Ron DeSantis.

Blake Sanders (https://www.voteblakesanders.com)

He grew up in West Pelzer, He received his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Clemson Univ; he was the first of his family to graduate from college.  He is president of Studio Main, a planning and landscape architecture firm in West Pelzer, and he has nearly 20 years of experience working with national and international planning and design firms developing strategic economic development plans. He is the immediate past Mayor of West Pelzer.  He is a member of the Greenville-Pickens Area Transportation Study committee, the past president of Anderson Co. Municipal Assoc, and past President of Palmetto Business Assoc. He volunteers with The Lot Project, Meals on Wheels, and works with the Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Anderson County, and Anderson County Economic Development.  His Issues are Infrastructure, Cut Wasteful Government, Protect Conservative Family Values, Attract Jobs & Small Business, and Invest in Education.  “A” ranking from the NRA. He has been endorsed by the Conservation Voters of SC (who have stated on their website their goal this year is to work against the Freedom Caucus).  Unstated was their wish to support more moderate establishment candidates.    Since the Primary election, he has been endorsed by Coach Dickie Smith, SC Rep 8 Don Chapman, Former state Rep John Tucker (former Dem who switched parties to GOP back in the 90s), Greg Shore Anderson Co Coroner, former candidate Rick Bradshaw. His consulting firm is one that works with moderates.

Evert: I endorse & would vote for James Galyean.  Mr. Galyean is a huge supporter of the Freedom Caucus.


State House District #28

Chris Huff (https://votechrishuff.com & https://www.facebook.com/VoteChrisHuff)

Grew up in southern Greenville County. After college he worked in business and had a business background. He entered the ministry and pastored for 20 years. After he recently retired, he moved back into his family home. In January, Ashley Trantham asked Chris to run for her seat as she was not going to run again. At the first forum he let everyone know in his opening statement he would join the Freedom Caucus. His slogan is Accountability and Responsibility. Campaigning on the following issues: Preserving our conservative values, Fixing the broken education system, Protecting parental rights, Taking on the swamp, Stopping the Woke left, Election integrity, and fighting for medical freedom. Supports Closed Primaries, Gun Rights, and making Government smaller.  He gave a donation to Kevin Bryant in his race for Governor. At the first Forum, He gave a strong Pro-Life statement, stated he was in favor of Tort and Judicial reform, and in favor of zero-based budgets. Endorsed by Ashley Trantham, Mike Burns, Sam Manley, Stand for Health Freedom, Palmetto Conservative Fund, and John Warren’s SC Conservative Future. He has an “AQ” ranking from NRA. As of the Pre-Election Report he has raised is about 25K, a small loan. Since the Primary Election Endorsements are, Steward Jones, Ken Matesevac (former candidate for CC 20), State Rep Josiah Magnuson, State Rep Thomas Beach, SC for Conservative Future, and the Times Examiner (the upstate conservative newspaper!).

Kerri Smith (https://www.kerriforhouse.com)

Kerri Smith is the SC Regional President for Self-Help Credit Union.   Before joining Self-Help, she was a speaker and consultant, specializing in guiding organizations towards growth, innovation, and expanded business horizons.

She has certifications as a Credit Union Financial Counselor and a Credit Union Development Educator, and she is a graduate of Leadership Greenville. She is also an author, she wrote "Drive Into Daylight: Navigating Life with Faith and Gratitude." Born in Panama City, Florida, parent was in the Coast Guard, so they moved around. She attended 12 schools by the 10th grade.  Her Campaign Issues are:  Common Sense & Fiscal Conservative, Growth and Infrastructure, Small Business, Healthy families, Education, and Law Enforcement. In her announcement video, when Ashley Trantham was still running, she claimed the incumbent was divisive and extreme. In her book and in other postings she has come out in favor of DEI and LGBT and transgender issues.  Remember she was recruited to get in this race, when Rep Trantham was still in the race, Mrs. Trantham was the lead sponsor for Save Women’s sports (allowing only biological women in women’s sports).  Funding for her business has direct ties to George Soros, and his organizations. Although there are no direct ties to Mr. Soros, there are several major Democrat donors to her campaign.  At the first forum, her answer to the Life question was not in favor of our current Pro-Life law, she was giving the Talking points from the Palmetto Truth Project, answered that she would not join the Freedom Caucus, and would sign the GOP loyalty pledge.  I do not believe this lady is a Republican much less a Conservative—her writings, postings, and demeanor towards conservatives shows that.  The interesting thing is that the Columbia Establishment recruited her and a few other non-GOP candidates to run as conservatives, they are funding and recruiting non-GOP people to run against Conservatives. She has been endorsed by the Conservation Voters of SC (who have stated on their website their goal this year is to work against the Freedom Caucus.)  Unstated was they wish to support of more moderate establishment candidates.  She got a B ranking from the NRA.  After the Primary, Allen Kellett endorsed Mrs. Smith. 

She is the recruited candidate of the Columbia establishment who is funding her campaign.  Will she kiss the ring when told how to vote and will she sign their loyalty pledge? (She has said she will.) The political consulting firm she is using is actively working with the Progressive group “Palmetto Truth Project.” The Palmetto Truth project is a propaganda arm of the progressives in alignment with the GOP House leadership to lie and defeat all the Freedom Caucus members statewide, because they, the FC, will not Bend the Knee, and abandon their constituents’ values.

Evert: I endorse Chris Huff and would vote For Chris Huff.  Kerri Smith is in my opinion a Pro-Choice, Liberal Democrat that cannot be trusted in the GOP.    It is extremely important that Republicans turnout for this election!!!  We do not want a liberal democrat in this seat that does not support the conservative pro-family and Pro-Life values in Columbia!


State House District #34

Sarita Edgerton (https://saritaforsc.com & https://www.facebook.com/sarita.edgerton.for.sc)

A realtor from Spartanburg how is a former teacher. She has been running a grass roots door knocking campaign.  Her issues are Pro-Life, Education (she favors the money to follow the Child for whatever choice the parents make) SC Roads, Immigration, and Tax Reform. She received an “A” ranking from the NRA, and 100% rank from Palmetto Gun Rights.  Endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus, Larry Bateman (local conservative GOP activist), Students for Life, Rep John McCravy (Pro-Life leader and Chair of the Family Caucus), Thomas Beach, and SC Conservative Future.

JoAnne L LaBounty (https://labountyforhouse.com)                

She has her degree from Kennedy Western University (BA Business and Marketing), the Darden School of Business and the Protocol School of Washington. She is President and CEO of Spartanburg Meat Processing Co. She has held numerous board positions including Junior Achievement, TD Bank Board of Advisors, SC SBA Board of Advisors and USC Upstate Foundation Board of Directors. She is a member of Greater Women’s Business Council and the Women Presidents Organization.  Her issues that she has posted on FB: Prioritize Economic Growth, Tough On Crime, Commitment to Education, and Save Women’s Sports.  She received an “A” ranking from the NRA.

She has been endorsed by the Conservation Voters of SC (who have stated on their website their goal this year is to work against the Freedom Caucus.)  Unstated was their wish to support more moderate establishment candidates.  She is a donor to Speaker Murrell Smith the SC Speaker, so she is the establishment candidate.   At a local forum she stated her views on abortion “…that babies born with physical deformities aren’t part of God’s plan & thus abortion should be an option for those parents.”  She further told the Post and Courier, “She called the so-called “fetal heartbeat” that bans most abortions at around six weeks a ”good first step to give women a chance to end a pregnancy if they don’t want it’ “Post and Courier.  After the primary Henry Ross Endorsed LaBounty.

She is the chosen candidate of the Columbia Establishment who is funding her campaign.  Will she kiss the ring when told how to vote and will she sign their loyalty pledge? The Progressive group “Palmetto Truth Project” is attacking her opponent and supporting her campaign. The Palmetto Truth project is a propaganda arm of the progressives in alignment with GOP House leadership to lie and defeat all the Freedom Caucus members/potential allies statewide, because they (the FC) will not bend the knee, and abandon their constituents’ values.

Evert:  I endorse and would vote for Sarita Edgerton.


Greenville County Council District #20

Steve Shaw - INCUMBENT (https://vote4steveshaw.com)      

Travelers Rest and Taylors real estate attorney who lives in the Taylors area. Campaigned on a platform to protect our conservative Christian values, manage our county’s growth, strengthen gun rights, support the sheriff’s department, lower the cost of living by shrinking government and cutting taxes. Long-time NRA member. Volunteer state constable. Holds PhD in growth management.  Recipient of the Order of the Palmetto for Second Amendment advocacy. In 2020 received a 100% ranking from the SC Citizens for Life. He has been a fighter for conservative values on council, he fought against the tax increase and has fought and helped the local community fight to remove the Graphic sexual items from the children’s sections in the libraries.  He is one of only 3 who consistently voted conservative on taxes and social issues. Endorsed by Palmetto Conservative Fund.  Since the primary Ken Matesevac, a former candidate has endorsed Steve Shaw.  Endorsed by Carl Herbster, Eric Shaw, Rep Mike Burns, State Senator Dwight Loftis, Councilman Benton Blount, Solicitor Walt Wilkins, TR Mayor Brady Amidon, and John Warren SC for a Conservative Future.

Alex Reynolds (https://www.votealexreynolds.com)

First-time candidate. A graduate of North Greenville.  He has several blogs and from his campaign websites you can tell he is versed in online communication.  In all of that he says very little about where he stands on issues, he is very good at creating a word salad and not being transparent on where he really stands on an issue.  I have heard that he favored the most recent tax increase, he said he is against them at a recent forum, but when Joey Russo changed his vote to vote in favor of the tax increase, he posted Mr. Russo’s FB page thanking him for his vote!  From what I can see his signs are also with other establishment candidates and in the same yards as establishment candidates.  I suspect he will be a vote with the other moderates & liberals on council.   He has been endorsed by “Better Greenville” (this organization does not tell anyone where it stands politically.  I suspect that it is a collection of Downtown liberals and moderates)  The other candidates they endorsed all supported the tax increase, and all but one voted to put progressives on the Library board(regarding the sexual materials in the children’s sections).  He has also been endorsed by Conservation Voters of SC (who have stated on their website their goal this year is to work against the Freedom Caucus.)  Unstated was they wish to support of more moderate establishment candidates.   He is Pro-Life and has been endorsed by Lenna Smith (former head of the Piedmont women’s center), Greer Mayor Rick Danner.

Evert: A politician who votes conservatively on hard fought and divisive issues is increasingly rare. When we ask politicians to vote conservative and they do so, we must support them when they are up for reelection.  Mr. Shaw has taken the hard votes and stood with the conservative community and had our BACK; we at this time must step up and have his BACK. 

I fully endorse and would vote for Steve Shaw.


Greenville County Council District #22

Frank Farmer (https://frankforgreenville.com)

“I’m a God-fearing Christian, a conservative Republican, and a native of Greenville, South Carolina. At my four years at the Citadel, I went on to join the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, where I earned a promotion every single year at the Citadel as well as the Army for my leadership abilities.” He has taken a strong stance regarding standing against tax increases and transparency in the finances of the county.  Claims to be Anti-tax & Pro-Life. He has stood up for moral values regarding removing sexual and graphic books from the Children’s sections of libraries, because of this gvlflag (a group who is essentially fighting to keep gay and Trans Themed books in the library regardless of their graphic nature and maturity levels) has condemned his campaign. Endorsed by outgoing Councilman Tzouvelekas, and Palmetto Conservative Fund.  Since the Primary Adam Morgan and Benton Blount and Kelly Long have endorsed his campaign.

Jay Rogers (https://www.votejayrogers.com)                

“Jay Rogers was raised in Greenville, graduated from the University of Virginia and completed his education at the University of South Carolina School of Law. He has worked in private law practice in Greenville since 1989.” He is campaigning on: Fix Our Infrastructure, Keep People Safe, Protect Taxpayers, Get Things Done, Plan Ahead For Growth.  In his comments he talks about how the council is divided, and they should be getting things done instead.  So instead of acting like the last councilman I get the impression he plans to go along to get along and work with the liberals and Dems on council.  That is the message I get, so he is a moderate at best.  He is currently on the planning commission and there are several articles in the Post & Courier regarding him, Ennis Fant, and the chair of the planning commission, the articles deal with the ethics of some housing projects.  He has been endorsed by “Better Greenville” (this organization does not tell anyone where it stands politically. 
I suspect that it is a collection of Downtown liberals and moderates) The other candidates they endorsed all supported the tax increase, and all but one voted to put progressives on the Library board (regarding the sexual materials in the children’s sections).  He has also been endorsed by Conservation Voters of SC (who have stated on their website their goal this year is to work against the Freedom Caucus.)  Unstated was their wish to support more moderate establishment candidates.  After the primary, Mr. Rogers released a video on FB where he referred to Mr. Farmer as wanting to join the chaos caucus.  He has since deleted the video, and this also caused at least Benton Blount to make a statement and endorse Mr. Farmer.

Evert: In my previous work I did not endorse in this race, that has changed and I endorse and would vote for Frank Farmer, and encourage everyone who is conservative to encourage people to vote for him!!. 

Frank Farmer is the conservative in the race; Mr. Rogers is at least a moderate and is being supported by downtown interests that are moderate and include several Democrat donors.


About the Author, Evert Headley

Evert has been involved with politics since 1989, both at state and local levels. He considers himself to be a Reagan conservative (conservative on social, economic, and national security issues). His first issue is always the Right to Life (without that right, which is endowed by our Creator, none of the other rights even exists). His second issue is always the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms) because this right guarantees the ability of individuals and states to defend the other rights. His third issue is always the First Amendment (freedom of religion, speech and assembly). His fourth issue is the defense of capitalism and the defeat of Socialism/Marxism/Fascism, along with the protection of private property rights. On the national level, we are printing too much money, spending too much money, and borrowing too much money. The federal government is trying to usurp and infringe upon the rights reserved to the states and to the individuals.

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