Our U.S. President Obama is now planning to add to the widespread Middle East combustion by bombing Syria, because they have allegedly used chemical weapons on their own civilian people. Meanwhile Israel is still standing by, holding its breath, and watching with keen special interest. In fact, as Isreal looks to the north, south, east and west, they see nothing but trouble and turmoil among all their neighbor Arab and Moslem nations.

Somehow in the midst of all this Middle East chaos, Israel is the only stable, democratic and peaceful nation in the entire region. Yet our U.S. Secretary of State has made six trips to the region to pressure Israel to surrender half the land of the tiny Jewish state as a gift to the Moslem Palestinian Arabs for a "two-state solution," so they can have their own independent Palestinian state. That is supposed to resolve the millenia-old conflict between the Arabs and the Jews, eliminate the centuries-old hatred of the Arabs toward the Jews, and bring peace to the region.

Western leaders and public opinion molders welcomed the 2011 riots on the Arab streets as an "Arab Spring," a people's revolution and a transition toward democracy. However, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Syria have demonstrated that these Arab nations are experiencing an "Arab Tsunami" and a transition toward intense chaos, totally unrelated to democracy. Interestingly, the mass uprisngs and riots have also been unrelated to Israel, though Arab and world leaders have long claimed that Israel is responsible for all the unrest and conflict in the Middle East.

According to a Singapore based publication, "The beauty of the 'Arab Spring' seems to have given way to an unbearable 'Arab Winter.' The so-called 'Arab Spring' generated a wave of hope among those fighting for or advocating democratization of Arab and Moslem authoritarian regimes. Now, with regime changes in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen, with a brutal civil war raging in Syria, and with increasingly fraught conditions in Bahrain, Sudan, Jordan and Iraq, the region has already witnessed serious disintegration." So this 'Arab Winter' has really uncovered the true evil nature of Islam.

The major axis of the "Arab Tsunami" and the most critical obstacle to intra-Arab and Israeli-Arab peace, has been Islam. The Moslem religion is the only common denominator in the violently fragmented Middle East. Since its inception in the 7th century, Islam has been authoritative, oppressive and coercive, demanding total submission, and violently intolerant of criticism.

Thus, Islamic regimes have always regarded freedoms of expression, religion, association and the press - the pillars of democracy - as lethal threats. Moreover, Islam has always considered itself to be divinely ordained to dominate the Christian and Jewish "infidels," either through peaceful surrender or by the holy war of jihad. Islam has never tollerated infidel sovereignty on what they consider to be Islamic land.

Mahmoud Abbas, the current Palestinian Arab leader, has been running a strong campaign of hatred for Israel, even teaching it to young children in all the Palestinian schools. He has referred to the Jewish state as "an inhumane entity that must be uprooted from the Middle East."  It is clear that Islam and peaceful co-existence with  the Jewish "infidels" constitutes an oxymoron.

Today's Middle East is inceasingly dominated by their centuries old style of intra-Moslem chaos, which includes authoritarian policies and horrific intolerance. There is absolutely no room for any co-existence with Israel, as is being espoused by the well-intentioned United States administration.

However, Israel is pressured to ignore the nature of its chaotic Middle East neighborhood and to retreat from the historic mountains of Judea and Samaria, which constitute the four thousand year-old cradle of Jewish history, in return for another intangible and tenuous agreement with the Palestinian Moslem Arabs. It seems that everyone has forgotten the five previous signed agreements by those same Arabs, which were not worth any more than the paper they were written on.

Acquaintance with the chaotic Moslem dominated Middle East environment has vital implications for United States national security interests. Yet the U.S. is now in the process of withdrawing its military presence from many places in the world and cutting its defense budget. All this warrants a stronger Israel, which is incompatible with the proposed Palestinian Arab Moslem state.


Dr. Al Snyder is a former professor of Communications at Liberty University in Virginia and North Greenville University. He has done extensive missionary work in Israel and Africa.

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