We are all a little bit crazy. Crazy is defined a little bit different for everybody. But anybody who is not you is crazy … to you – and by the same token you are crazy to others.

Crazy simply means that our belief systems and values and actions are different. There really is no scientific definition of crazy, or any other “mental illness,” as nothing in the mental health category can be scientifically determined or defined (in laboratory terms). Jon Rappoport, investigative reporter, writer at NoMoreFakeNews.com, has clearly made that case.

So, when somebody comes along and presents a different way of doing things or a different way of looking at things, our natural tendency is to think that person just a little bit crazy. But we're not in bad company. John the Baptist was considered crazy. Jesus was considered crazy. David the king even played at being crazy for the advantage that it gave him to get away from some bad guys.

But if you wake up in the morning feeling a little crazed, don't feel alone. It's a common sentiment. At least it must be, or I'm just crazy.

Though some people are admittedly clearly crazy, who else could believe that it's all right to take away from people the ability to defend themselves, especially with something so basic and so important that it's actually guaranteed in our Constitution?

Who else could believe that it's okay to open our gates and doors and walls and windows to people who want to come in simply because it allows them to get free things that, of course, come from us? (But that idea is pushed by people who realize that these newcomers will give them additional power to retain control over their places of decision-making.)

Who would consider it crazy to have somebody in a position of leadership who actually understands these things and works hard to protect what is only common sense and right and true and NOT crazy? Who else but a crazy person?

Who else but a crazy person would believe that there are more than two genders, male and female?

Who else but a crazy person would believe that it is okay to murder one's young, even while yet unborn?

Who else but a crazy person would believe that it's all right to take somebody else's children from them in order to indoctrinate them to believe values that are different from the values of their own parents?

Who but a crazy person would believe that it's necessary to require by law that all people, particularly the very young among us, subject themselves to having toxic foreign chemicals injected into their bodies to fulfill unproven “health” objectives when the hard scientific data shows that the only response will be negative and more sickness and disease and death?

Who else but a crazy person would believe that Jesus would have us tie ourselves to a man-made institution that was not even conceived until hundreds of years after He went back to heaven and that doing so is somehow more obedient to scriptures that were written long before that particular institution came into being?

Who else but a crazy person would believe that it is appropriate to take the original written words of scripture and substitute other words that are translated in other ways in order to cause people to believe that God said things that He clearly did not?

Yes, clearly, we are all a little bit crazy, because we not only allow these things to go on, we expect them. And when someone comes along and questions that practice, why, he's just crazy!

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