Regimes come to power in all sorts of ways. Your Civics class likely taught you that American presidents rise to that office by means of Americans voting – one man, one vote, on a state-by-state basis – and that, while “voting rights” have changed significantly in the past 200 years, our “democratic” way of voting is supposed to produce the freest elections in the world. True students of American history realize that, factually, Constitutional free elections have not been ours since at least 1861 and the regime of Lincoln. But, for the sake of argument, let’s say that American voting processes in our “constitutional republic” are effective at producing a presidential administration that is the desired choice of the majority of the States’ (the “republican” part of “constitutional republic”) votes as expressed via the Electoral College. That all went out the window a year ago after COupVID had ginned up such mass hysteria that a plurality of Americans – who would have been delighted at that point to have been able to successfully obtain toilet paper by mail – had been manipulated to willingly forego free and fair elections, limited only to lawful voters who followed long-standing legal processes to be identified as such at the time of voting, and to allow instead mail-in and/or drop-off voting that could be (and then WAS) manually and electronically manipulated to throw the “election” to a doddering dictator wannabe. Why? Because for the previous four years America had been challenged to change (Make America Great Again) – and was in the process of being changed – back into something much closer to the vision of our Founding Fathers than we had experienced in over 160 years, under the leadership of a take-no-prisoners non-politician. THIS was the freedom-preserving reason for the First Amendment, and we collectively failed the challenge. 

(Let me pause here just a moment and plug a couple of MUST READS on the subject of America’s first dictator: Lincoln Unmasked: What You’re Not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe, by Thomas DiLorenzo, and The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths, by Mike Scruggs.) 

The first Americans came to this land to escape conditions virtually identical, if slightly less coated with artificial sweeteners, to those we face today. They pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor in order to preserve inviolable their God-given right to assemble, to speak and publish freely their ideas, whether in sacred setting or secular. And yet today, Americans, as well as other God-fearing people around the world, are being forced to participate in and, thus, support ideas and activities that are not Godly and that they would never support if they were not awash in false information and unlawful compulsion … the very things that the First Amendment was written to prevent. 

America’s founders carved out foundational space for the protection of the public square – the right to gather together and to speak and discuss their ideas openly, and the right to hold to doctrines that did not first bear the stamp of approval of some institution that took upon itself the authority to dictate what they were allowed to believe and discuss. And yet today, Americans – if perhaps unwisely addicted to the instant rush of approval afforded by “social media” – find themselves ejected from that public square because the ideas they express – even if blatantly factual and scientifically indisputable – go counter to the “community standards” of the new religious institutions that have risen up to represent the father of lies. But this is nothing new. It has been the practice of the state-run institutions of “education” in America since 1832, of those that illicitly define and control law and medicine, and of those that have controlled money and banking since America’s beginning.

Whenever we give ourselves over to the control of institutions – whether religious, financial, medical, legal, “scientific,” or just informational – we allow those institutions to chip away at the foundation of our liberties that were designed and preserved to allow us as individuals the freedom to answer solely to the One to Whom we must all one day give account. In that way, all of these institutions are religious, and their continued power opposes all of the First Amendment. In fact, they have become the state itself, and the rallying cry of “the individual” has become meaningless. 

Now we face a “pandemic” that is not a pandemic, a “virus” that does not exist, “vaccines” which are not vaccines but rather are weapons of biological warfare, and we are on the brink of conditions described in the Book of Revelation as preventing the ability to buy and sell without acquiescence to a lie. If ever we needed the public square, it is now.

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