The German people were deceived by the National Socialists (Nazis). Hitler promised them prosperity and equality during a severe financial crisis. He was the leader Germans had longed for. He was charismatic, and delivered prosperity and pride … for a season. Ultimately, the reward was tyranny, war and death. The Germans realized too late they had made a serious mistake. There was no turning back and no possibility for reversal. The German people had chosen their fate. It could never happen here.

The Russians were tricked by the Marxists. They were promised a redistribution of wealth: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Royalty, the wealthy and the peasants became equally deprived and slaves of the state. Only the rulers had privileges. Those who resisted were placed in reeducation or labor camps or killed. It happened in Russia and Eastern Europe, but it could never happen here.

The Cuban people longed for freedom. They would be delivered from a dictator by a Latin version of Abraham Lincoln. He was praised by the New York Times. Fidel  Castro brought poverty and tyranny to the Cuban people who did not escape to the United States before they could no longer escape.

Americans would never be deceived by a Hitler, Stalin or Castro. We are smart, educated, well-informed and blessed with a free press. We would never be tricked into trading our freedom for political promises.

We believe in equality for all. We believe in the goodness of man. We have freed slaves. We have supported special privileges for minorities. We would elect minorities as our leaders to demonstrate that we are not prejudiced or racists. We want everyone to know that we are tolerant of the views of others. We are often tolerant and protective of the bad behavior of our children and want to be their friend rather than their teaching, disciplinary parent. After all, we are told that they are educated and are much better informed than we were at their age.

We thought it could never happen here, but we failed to observe and realize what our children were being taught in school, what they were learning from textbooks, movies, the internet and what they were learning from their peers.

We thought it could never happen to our children, but we failed to realize that many of their teachers and professors were taught revisionist history in college by the radical New Left, revisionist, “Progressive Historians” who earned their PhDs in the anti-American educational institutions of the 1960s and 70s.

We thought we knew our children until the 2008 General Election when many of us discovered that we did not know our children and grandchildren. They carry our genes and DNA, but many of them are strangers in our homes. We have failed to transfer to them our family values and traditions.  We have not passed on to them our treasured family, regional and national heritage. We have failed to instill in the next generation our love for country and the importance of life, liberty and property ownership. We have not ensured that they know the sacrifices previous generations have made to earn the freedom we enjoy. Many youngsters do not know the importance of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. And finally, we have not taken a stand to ensure that the freedom our generation has enjoyed will be preserved for our children and grandchildren to enjoy or prepared them to defend it for the generations to follow. In fact, as a people, we have not insisted that the people we elected to public office uphold the oath they have taken to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

We thought it could never happen here, but it is!


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