According to the Liberal Media, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is a strong contender for Vice President on the Republican Ticket. The first generation American whose parents came to this country from India was elected to her first term as a Tea Party candidate. Alaska Governor Sara Palin came to the Palmetto State and gave her the conservative nudge she needed to win the election. Once elected, she was quick to change her political alliances.

Haley walked away from her Tea Party supporters during the first term and picked up support from the main-line Republicans, big business and the Chamber of Commerce. . In her second term she has aligned herself more with the RINO wing of the National Republican Party that is said to favor Jeb Bush for President and will do whatever is necessary to destroy the campaign of  Donald Trump after Labor Day.  

Recently, Gov. Haley insulted the descendents of Confederate soldiers, not so much by removing the flag from the Confederate war Memorial as her degrading and insulting rhetoric to gain favor with race bating hate mongers who despise everything to do with the South. Unfortunately, Governor Haley pulled some lawmakers along with her that will pay a price at the ballot box during the next election. A bumper sticker has already surfaced that is a remake from the Governors Beasley and Hodges campaigns. It reads: No Votes for Turncoats.

The media has informed the world that removal of the flag from the soldier’s monument has been a wonderful stroke for harmony in the state. Don’t believe a word of it. It will take decades to heal the wounds created by the actions of Governor Haley and her advisers from the RNC and elsewhere.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans, an organization dedicated to preserving the true history of the South, avoided participation in the Haley event on Capitol grounds that attracted some of the more despicable individuals and organizations in the nation.

The SCV learned a valuable lesson from Governor Haley’s actions. They trusted the legislature to keep their word and comply with the law they passed when the Republicans, Democrats and NAACP pledged to leave the flag permanently at the Soldiers Memorial in exchange for construction of an elaborate memorial to slaves and African-Americans on State House grounds. They broke their promise. The flag is gone and the memorial that was part of the agreement that became law remains.

It is noticeable that Governor Haley was able to rally the Legislature in just a few days to take the flag down from the monument, but she can’t be pressured into defunding Planned Parenthood. She appointed someone to study that issue.

As if the Governor has not done enough to cause upheaval in the state, a World Net Daily headline shouts out: “Nikki Haley Welcomes Muslim Refugees.”

WND reports that “It’s unclear why Haley is agreeing to ramp up the number of refugees coming to South Carolina. Some speculate that she may be angling for a cabinet post in the next administration and wants to prove her commitment to the cause that is near and deer to the GOP establishment’s heart.”

Spartanburg, South Carolina, is a destination for refugees in South Carolina. Citizens of Spartanburg have put up stiff resistance that has resulted in Assistant Secretary of State Ann Richard coming down to quell the feud.

“Haley has come down on the side of the State Department and the refugees,” reported WND. She trusts the vetting process despite hundreds of arrests and active investigations involving refugees and children of refugees.

Some South Carolinians, at least, are waking up and no longer intend to elect politicians who promise one thing and do another to promote their own self interests. It is unfortunate that Governor Haley has become a disappointment.


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