Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has announced he is opening all positions in the U. S. military to women. Obama has been pushing this unwise change for years. This decision will degrade the overall effectiveness of several critical elements of the United States defense establishment. The decision was not made of military necessity or to improve the military in any way. It was made to satisfy the career ambitions of a dozen or so senior military women and to degrade the military by those politicians who loathe the military and want to fundamentally change the United States of America to their twisted vision of a Socialist state.

It is clear that the Obama Administration has no interest in their decision’s impact on national defense or the impact on individual service women or their fellow service members. 

The most dramatic impact will be in the Army and Marine Corps. – where physical strength and endurance under deplorable conditions are required. In Iraq and Afghanistan women in support roles serving for extended periods in the field without adequate sanitation facilities suffered from infections and were frequently evacuated for medical treatment, leaving critical vacancies in units.

Of course, this was never reported or even discussed by commanders who are acutely aware that any comment considered to be negative regarding women in combat could be detrimental to the career of an NCO or officer. .Assignment of women to forward combat positions will result in a drastic increase in women casualties as compared to men under the current system. Politicians will be more reluctant to send women into combat. This has both positive and negative aspects. It will deter politicians from sending troops into unnecessary combat situations. On the other hand, it may deter some politicians from using troops where it is necessary.

Fox News reported that the military has only until January 1 to submit plans to implement Obama’s wishes.

Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, called on Congress to stop the implementation of the order before the women in combat decision causes “irreparable damage” to America’s all volunteer military.

A 2015 Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force test showed that women are slower and weaker in almost every technical and tactical aspect across the range of military operations.

“Make no mistake about it,” said the Marine Corps statement. “In this realm, you want your fastest, most fit, most physical, and most lethal person you can possibly put on the battlefield to overwhelm the enemy’s ability to counter what you are throwing at them and in every test case, that person has turned out to be a man.”

The study found that all-male teams outperformed mixed-gender units 69 percent of the time and women had significantly higher rates of injuries and early fatigue.

“ Due to unchangeable physical disadvantages among women that clearly affect survivability and lethality in battle, officials should discontinue plans to order women into combat arms units such as the Marine and Army infantry, armor, artillery and special operations forces, including Rangers and Navy SEALs,” said Donnelly.

“Those who choose to turn a blind eye to … immutable realities do so at the expense of our Corps’ warfighting capability and, in turn, the security of our nation,” wrote B.G. George S. Smith, Jr., the head of the Marine Corps Force Innovation Office.

Hopefully, we will have a competent, pro-American Commander-in-Chief in the White House before we have very many troops in combat. This is intentionally insane.

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