As we enter the New Year, there are many challenges ahead. As we attempt to forecast the future, there are reasons to be optimistic and hopeful. Much of the optimism is based on hopes to reverse some of the attempts of the current administration to “transform” the Constitutional republic created by our Forefathers and reestablish the credibility of a powerful world leader.

Tragically, while President Obama has been busy destroying the institutions and traditions of the American republic and using the armed forces as laboratories for social experimentation, the potential enemies of our nation have been growing in strength and taking advantage of our leadership void on the world stage.

The upcoming general election in November is the most important election in most of our lifetimes. Not only will it be a referendum on whether the United States will continue to be a free constitutional republic governed by laws and not men, but a determination of whether this nation can continue to have free and honest elections.

The Republican Party will use every means possible to nominate and select a “moderate insider” to represent the GOP in the General Election. The nomination of anyone other than Trump or Sen. Cruz will virtually assure defeat in the General Election. Many Conservative voters will just stay home.

Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat nominee. Even if the FBI files criminal charges against Mrs. Clinton for her numerous alleged crimes the Obama Attorney General will refuse to prosecute the case. The same Attorney General will refuse to prosecute allegations of election fraud, and will, in fact, prosecute anyone at the state or county level who attempts to prevent election fraud by insisting on proof of identification, residency or citizenship.

The stage is being set for Democrat candidates to win the presidency and take control of both houses of Congress.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens that continue to pour in across our borders and that are coming in as special immigrants from Muslim countries, will be registered and vote in key districts. Thousands of students and members of leftist organizations will register and vote in numerous locations. Thugs armed with clubs and other weapons and noisy mobs will be allowed to frighten and intimidate Republican voters in key precincts. Leftist insiders will manipulate electronic voting machines and vote consolidation accounting in precincts, counties and states controlled by leftist Democrats.

Honest law enforcement officials and Republican candidates can challenge these illegal tactics, however, even if their challenges are successful, the results will not come in time to change the results of the election.

The Republican controlled Congress could take action to insure honest elections, but appear intimidated and fearful of the Obama regime and are not likely to do anything to prevent election fraud.

During this election year, our efforts against ISIS are half hearted, leaving Americans at home and abroad vulnerable to defenseless slaughter. All Americans working or attending schools in gun-free zones are vulnerable to attacks by Islamic terrorists.

Iran, North Korea, China and Russia, in addition to the Islamic Brotherhood are gaining strength and influence with no resistance from the American Government.

The most encouraging trend is that there are indications of a Christian resurgence across denominations that may impact the elections and future involvement in world affairs, especially as it involves Israel. There is a growing recognition among legitimate “born-again” Christians that “Divine intervention” will be necessary to successfully combat the unprecedented evil in our government and foreign affairs.

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