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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 06:23 PM


First Published in 1994


Hillary Clinton probably has more potential criminal charges pending against her than anyone else in the United States does unless it is a criminal illegal alien. Her reckless handling of highly classified material is unprecedented. Her apparent casual neglect in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya and her brazen lies and denials regarding the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others, who died waiting for help that was withheld and never arrived raises serious questions. Someone made the decision to refuse to provide adequate security and withheld help when their lives were in danger. Was it Hillary or the President? Scores of military personnel have served time in prison for simply making mistakes handling classified material, and it is a crime to make false official statements.

As Secretary of State, Hillary allegedly did favors for foreign government while the same governments made multi-million dollar donations to the Clinton family tax exempt foundation and paid her husband large fees for making speeches.

The FBI continues to dig out classified documents from Hillary’s private computer server that she claimed handled no classified documents.

Several women that accused President Clinton of rape or molestation have stated that Hillary threatened and harassed them when she was First Lady. Her friends said she was in charge of handling “Bimbo eruptions.”

With all of this suspense occupying hundreds of federal investigators, Hillary is the leading Democrat presidential candidate and her nearest opponent is an acknowledged Socialist and some would say a Communist. How can this be? Has the rank and file Democrat constituency lowered their standards to the bottom of the barrel, or is Hillary a victim of a propaganda attack?

It is possible that Hillary could be elected President of the United States. Someone elected Barack Obama, didn’t they? If she is elected, will the country be run as a crime syndicate? Will it lead to rebellion or revolution?

How will Hillary overcome all of the potential criminal charges, even if she drops out of the presidential race in favor of Biden, Gore or Carey? Obama could pardon her of all past current and future crimes before he leaves office next year.

The current generation of Democrats are totally ignorant of recent American history, They do not know that President Clinton was Impeached and that he was disbarred and his license to practice law was taken away. Regardless, he is the most popular, highly respected and revered Democrat on the planet, according to the liberal media.

Apparently the current generation of college students and young adults have no knowledge of American history and American lives sacrificed fighting Communism during the past six decades since World War II. They flock to support Old Socialist Bernie Sanders by the thousands with no clue that what he favors would destroy the standard of living that gave them the freedom and financial means to support any candidate for President.

Ollie North,  (LTC  USMC Ret.) briefly brought up a subject during an interview on Fox last week that should be on the mind of all Americans who support a system of “justice for all:”

If Republicans are wise enough to elect a president who is honest and willing to clean up corruption in government, the next attorney general should be very busy appointing grand Juries and Special Prosecutors. They would be used to try government employees and political appointees for abuse of power, perjury, corruption, fraud, theft and possibly treason.

The professional politicians in this country have had a custom of not holding elected officials and bureaucrats accountable for their actions that result in harm to others or the nation. It is time to clean house or accept third-world status.