A merger of Trump and Cruz political campaigns is not likely, but could capture the Republican Party for Conservatives and create a real contrast between Democrats and Republicans for the first time in modern History. The two camps control 70 to 80 percent of the Republican electorate.

There is much in common between the true Conservatives in both camps. However, there is little chance that the two campaigns will be allowed to get together at the convention in Cleveland. Such a merger would be very detrimental to the party elite that hold the power at the top and the RINOs (Republicans in name only) that hold the power at the county and state level in many cases.

Neither candidate is perfect, however both Trump and Cruz have a lot to offer in terms of returning the nation to a constitutional republic based on laws rooted in morality. Both candidates are very intelligent and the best at what they do.

Cruz understands the founding of the nation and how the three branches of government are intended to work, with checks and balances. He is very experienced in constitutional law and can debate on any important subject. He knows who our enemies are. His father was Cuban and a Baptist Preacher and his mother an American.

Trump is a successful New York business executive that knows how to simplify problems that can be solved rather than complicating them which is often common for government bureaucrats. Trump is comfortable with and can communicate with construction workers and billionaires. Like most Americans, he distrusts government, career politicians and those who finance and own them.

Trump knows what is wrong with the nation, what many people want in a leader and has solutions for the problems. Some possible solutions may not be workable, but he is willing to listen to advisors who are competent in their fields of expertise.

Trump went against the establishment Republican elite. As soon as he announced his candidacy they organized a “stop Trump” movement. Every candidate they supported, including Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, he has defeated.

While Trump was fighting against establishment Republicans, Cruz and his father were organizing the grass roots. South Carolina and Greenville County are somewhat typical.

The RNC has used their influence to place their people in state and most county party chairmanships. They were expected to deliver the state for Jeb Bush. The Greenville County Chairman and first vice chairman publicly endorsed Bush. President George W. Bush came to the state and campaigned. Virtually no one followed the leaders and the establishment candidate bombed.

The South Carolina and national establishment leaders switched to Rubio and he bombed. As I recall, Trump won every congressional district in the state using the open primary system established and doggedly defended by the establishment Republicans. Cruz supporters were stunned. Had it been a closed primary their candidate would have won easily. They were down, but not out.

State and congressional district convention delegates pick delegates to the national convention. At every level, Cruz has a list of candidates and supporters who know who they are. They are all supposed to be Trump delegates, however they are Cruz people.

The Fourth Congressional District Convention was held in Greer. The majority of delegates were Cruz supporters. Trump had three candidates, but none were elected. Two of the three delegates elected were well known Conservative Cruz campaign leaders. The third delegate elected was the Greenville County Executive Committee First Vice President who claimed to be a Cruz supporter, however he endorsed and openly campaigned for Jeb Bush. The delegate alternates were all Cruz supporters.

The establishment Republicans will destroy the party and elect Hillary Clinton before they will give up their political power and prestige. The only way to save a Conservative Republican Party and the Republic is to merge the Cruz and Trump Conservatives.

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