As a retired soldier with both enlisted and commissioned service including the Vietnam War, I have serious concerns about the present and future of the Republic for which many of my friends and their families sacrificed and some gave their lives. Therefore, I am extremely interested in who becomes our next President. Those of us who served, and especially those who served in combat, know that the choice of a Commander-in-Chief is a matter of life or death for all those in uniform.

Tragically, unwise decisions by President Obama during his two-terms in office have resulted in the loss of many lives and will cost lives and cause untold suffering far into the future.

I don’t know who, if anyone is advising Donald Trump on national defense, however his teleprompter speech on foreign policy contained a lot of common sense and more than a little sound military strategy.

You never commit American troops to war unless it is clearly in the national interest and there is no acceptable alternative.

The goal of any commitment of American troops must be total victory. Overwhelming force must be provided in order to assure victory.

Surprise is essential for victory. Your enemy must never know your capabilities or your intentions.

Military personnel should be trained to kill the enemy and destroy his ability and will to fight. Use of the military for social experiments is dangerous and should be treated as a criminal offense.

The structure and training of military personnel has been proven over more than 200 years. Changes in the past 8 years have been detrimental and will continue to cost lives and subvert victory unless they are reversed.

Trump listed several of the flawed decisions by the Obama Administration and concluded with a statement that assured me that whoever wrote the speech knew what they were talking about. Hopefully it represents the knowledge and judgment of Trump should he become President of the United States.

Trump concluded by saying that if President Obama had as his objective the destruction of the US Military and the Republic, he could not have done a better job.

Near the end of his speech at the White House Press Assn. Dinner, President Obama was mixing serious comments with attempted humor. Near the conclusion, he said something like; “this is the end of the Republic.” He may have been serious. If so, it was a very sick joke.

While Donald Trump gave Mr. Obama the benefit of the doubt, a strong case could be made that Obama said he was going to “transform” the republic and every action he has taken since his first day of his first term has been moving toward that goal.

Not unlike the Clintons, Obama has worked in collusion with big banks and big business to diminish the success of small business and to accelerate movement of the individual from the middle class and beyond.

While demonizing the pharmaceutical and insurance industries to justify Obamacare, the Obama Administration was making deals that would enrich those industries who would support the acceptance of Obamacare. The American people were deceived by Obama as he used their money to bribe the companies he claimed were the problem for rising medical costs.

If he can find a way, he will return our naval base to Cuba after emptying its prison of terrorists.

He is changing the pictures on currency.

The changes Obama has made in the military and curriculum in military academies and other military schools will take decades to correct if it can ever be done.

The sad situation is that the damage done already and that which will be done by the end of Obama’s term may have already set in motion enough negative forces to destroy the Republic.

Finally, the election of Hillary Clinton as president would continue the same policies with a vengeance. That must never be allowed to happen.

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