The Obama Administration and their fellow advocates for more gun restrictions and dangerous gun free zones, have more blood on their hands after the massive slaughter in Orlando, Florida on the eve of celebration of our independence.

On Sunday morning we were awakened to the bone chilling news that more than one-hundred celebrants in a “Gay” night club in Orlando, Florida  had been mowed down by an American born Muslim armed with a rifle he had legally purchased a few days before.

The obvious terrorist attack was well planned and executed by a trained marksman who was employed by a security firm with sensitive government contracts, including security for nuclear weapons material.

The FBI was well aware of this individual who had been accused by fellow workers of being radical and having a special dislike of women and Black people. He had also traveled to Saudi Arabia at least twice since becoming an adult. He had married an American Girl and according to her, he became very violent after about two months of marriage. She was afraid of him,  however her parents physically removed her from his presence. The FBI had interviewed him twice, however they were allegedly unable to prove any allegations against him.

His employer was not about to give him a negative report and jeopardize its lucrative contract by being accused of discrimination against a Muslim employee. He was able to buy guns because he had no police record. His wife was afraid to report abuse and his employer was afraid to substantiate accusations by his fellow workers. For the record, he had broken no known laws and therefore the FBI had no basis for watching him, and they certainly could not charge him with a crime.

The current laws and policies of the Obama Administration insured that he was well protected until he murdered 49 people in a gun-free night club. Then and only then could they charge him with a crime, but he is dead, and they can freely speculate as to his motives.

The killer had called 911 and pledged his support to ISIS prior to opening fire on his victims. His current job was providing security for a gated community in Florida. He was required to be trained and proficient with firearms.

Local law enforcement personnel and Federal agents almost immediately correctly labeled the mass killings “terrorism.” It was predictable, however, that President Obama would hours later refuse to use the term Islamic Terrorism. He was forced to use the word terrorism linked with hate for homosexuals when he held his news conference Sunday morning.

The president attempted to link the worst terrorist attack since 9/11 to murders by non-Muslims. He compared it to the killing of Black church goers in Charleston by a young punk that Governor Haley immediately concluded was motivated to murder by the sight of a Confederate battle flag. President Obama is not as swift as Haley. He said it was too early to determine the motive for the 49 killings, because he is reluctant to see anything but good in Islamic killers.

He implied in his Sunday morning statement that the cause was hatred for homosexuals. The killer’s Muslim father supported the Obama theory and said his son was disturbed by seeing two males kissing a few days earlier.

It is perfectly clear that President Obama will use the terrorist attack to give more rights to homosexuals and those individuals confused about which bathroom to use. He will also use the attack to justify additional controls on the rights of law abiding citizens to own firearms to defend themselves and their families.

President Obama has created a dangerous world for his replacement. He has announced that he is staying in Washington after leaving office. We can expect riots if anyone attempts to seriously challenge the Muslim Brotherhood war on the West or social experiments in the military and other government agencies.

Much American blood will be shed recovering what has been lost by the current administration. The blood of all the victims will be on the administration’s hands.

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