Last Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning the states began to fall to Donald Trump. The experts on television couldn’t believe what they were seeing. It couldn’t be happening. No one believed Donald Trump could become president of the United States. They had denigrated him with all kinds of unflattering labels. He had been accused of hating women, but respectable Christian leaders insisted he was the man for the job. Privately, they knew that God could use anyone who is available and willing. He is in the business of changing lives and answering prayers.

Christians close to God and being guided by His Holy Spirit knew that this election was a “God thing.” The outcome was not dependent on politicians once the true “church” became engaged.  

Now, a week later, the critics and skeptics remain in disbelief. Some immature, misguided University students were so disturbed they couldn’t take their exams. At least one professor had excused his students from exams.  Other students have been provided therapy dogs to calm their nerves. The hundreds of Hillary followers who had planned on lucrative government positions and desirable opportunities are wringing their hands and in tears, as well as Obama’s staffers being in tears.

Leftist radicals are demonstrating and rioting in the streets; burning the American flag and images of the president elect.

It has become increasingly clear that none of these people believe the promise made in II Chronicles Chapter 7, verse 14:

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

A few pundits have been forced to acknowledge that millions of “Evangelical” Christians turned out to vote for Trump. They are not reporting that hundreds of thousands of these Christians were praying and claiming the promise in II Chronicles 7:14. They were supporting Trump mostly because he had promised to put people on the Supreme Court who would support the Constitution and defend Christian liberty. Their prayers were answered. God did what no man could do. Even Donald Trump was stunned by his decisive win.

I was blessed to learn several years ago from personal experience that when something occurs that is humanly impossible, it is an act of God. You might call it a miracle.

The Democrats opposed Donald Trump, the Clinton political machine, the Obama Administration, the Republican Party Establishment and the national media. Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent attacking him in television ads, but he won.
He will continue to be attacked by hate groups and will need the prayers of the saints more than ever. Although the Republicans control both houses of Congress, the new President will be opposed on many issues.  

It is now time to “drain the swamp.” That will be no easy task.

Now that Christians have become a force in our Government again, the anti-Christian groups will organize to attack them. The attacks will be more vicious than ever. The enemy has been defeated at the polls; however, the Devil and his demons will be prowling the world determining whom they can devour. Put on the armor and be on guard. President Trump will need the constant support of the American people if he is to be successful.

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