Christmas is a joyful time of year when families and friends come together and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God became man and came to earth to demonstrate His love and provide a way for mankind to be saved from eternal separation from God through the sacrifice of His shed blood.

Sadly, Christmas has become a time when criminals attempt to take advantage of vulnerable elderly citizens and snatch purses from busy shoppers in malls. Dishonest elected officials, political party hacks, and bureaucrats along with their backers in media, academia, unions and elsewhere are using this busy Christmas holiday season to pass a far-reaching health care bill over the objections of many of their colleagues and a majority of the American people. This bill that was first revealed to Senators on Saturday before Christmas and reportedly consists of more than 2,500 pages is scheduled for a vote on Christmas Eve in order to please President Obama. Opposing Senators describe the bill as an “abomination,” and a “train wreck.”

Literal bribes were paid to states in order to buy the votes of holdout senators. Billions of dollars in appropriations are going to Louisiana and Nebraska to obtain the votes of two holdout senators. Another bribe contained in the bill goes to an unspecified state. This is a disgrace. It is unethical, immoral, and unfair to the taxpayers of the other states and should be considered criminal behavior. Sen. Lindsey Graham has asked S. C. Attorney General Henry McMaster to look into the constitutionality of the bribes.

The government has our military forces engaged in two wars with half-hearted support from the Commander in Chief. Our nation is in debt to the Communist Chinese and the current administration is spending money as if there was no tomorrow. Our national leadership is losing credibility at home and abroad as the dollar decreases in value and is being replaced by other currency for doing business in the world. The head of the bank of Communist China said just last week that the dollar must be devaluated. What an insult that is to our nation. What a tragedy this will be for our inheritance.

We find ourselves in this predicament because we have backed away from the teachings of the One whose birth we celebrate at Christmas time. We have allowed the election of officials who are not only non Bible believing Christians, they are actively and some are rabidly anti-Christian in their personal and official political lives voting to pass laws and appoint judges for life who are anti-Christian Secular Humanists. Not only is this the situation at the national level, we have participated in electing anti-Christian Secular Humanists to school boards and other government offices locally and at the state level.

Through the generations, America has been protected and blessed by God, because we have been, to a large degree, a Christian nation. We can no longer truthfully make that claim. In fact, the current President of the United States has proudly stated that the United States is not a Christian Nation. Our own elected government officials and many of the judges they have appointed to the bench for life make anti-Christian decisions frequently as issues and court cases arise.

A recently published survey of Americans who claim to be Christians revealed the startling indication that at least half of those identifying themselves as Christians have diluted their Christianity with New Age beliefs and practices. New Age Religion is simply the old pagan Eastern Religions repackaged to appeal to the current generation and is incompatible with Bible Christianity.

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus this week we would be wise to remember that He clearly stated in His Holy Word that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” From that statement, I think we can further conclude that mixture of Christianity with anti-Christian practices and beliefs will not be blessed by God.

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