Our wonderful Constitutional Republic is bordering on anarchy. It is not a sudden occurrence, it has been brought on gradually by a series of administrations.

Conservatives have long been aware that Black Americans have been duped and used by liberal whites and the Democrat Party. But only recently, since the election of President Trump, has it become clear that Conservative Whites have been as gullible as Blacks. They have been duped by liberal “One World” Republicans talking conservative issues while carrying out the same agenda as the Democrats, only at a slower pace.

The election of Donald Trump, an outsider and not a member of the "One World" gang has exposed the conspiracy to dissolve the Constitution of the United States and replace it with a "one world" overlord. The leftists and "one worlders" have taken control of the financial and political power forces of the world and are willing to destroy the republic rather than lose control.


No longer have the Clinton, Bush and Romney families pretending to be enemies. They are all working to protect their turf and destroy the presidency of Donald Trump at all costs.

Even President George W. Bush, who could not bring himself to utter an unkind word against the destructive policies of Barack Obama, has proven himself to be a phony and a great disappointment to many of his supporters.

The liberal Trump haters are attempting to obstruct everything the President attempts to accomplish. It is also becoming more and more difficult to distinguish the establishment Republicans from the radical Democrats. They are both physically and verbally assaulting anyone they think are supporting Trump or are a member of a Trump-supporting family.

The country is bordering on anarchy, and the only way to save the republic is to elect more conservatives in November.

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