The “sleeping giant” has awakened and has stated its purpose as “taking America back” from the special interest groups and politicians that are moving the nation away from a sovereign republic governed by elected representatives of the people guided by the original intent of the Constitution of the United States.

The Tea Party movement has a unique opportunity during this election year to use its energy to take back control of American institutions that should be serving the people and are now serving the special interests of the central government. Tea Party activists are stepping forward to become candidates for public office and are supporting candidates and incumbents who have a record of service consistent with the provisions of the Constitution.

The Tea Party movement could have a historic impact on taking America back and restoring the constitutional republic by electing conservative constitutional candidates to local school boards that are in many cases dominated by big spending liberals. That is where Tea Party activists can have the greatest impact both fiscally and socially.

Tragically, public schools, along with many colleges and universities where teachers are trained have become an effective vehicle for indoctrination of Americans beginning at a very young age. This has gradually taken place despite the employment of many dedicated and patriotic teachers and administrators who find themselves powerless to resist the destructive trend alone and in a meaningful manner.

Textbook writers have systematically revised the history of the republic to minimize the importance of personal liberty and the free enterprise system. Students are taught very little about the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and our system of government, and why our constitutional republic has proven through the years to be superior to all others. Emphasis is on the influence of human beings on climate change, equality of humans and animals, saving the planet by limiting freedom, and demonizing guns, automobiles and carbon fuels. Government schools have systematically prepared children to live willingly under a one-world sustainable, Progressive Marxist-style dictatorship where everyone except the ruling class is mandated to equal financial, cultural and social status. Biblical teachings are discouraged or banned in many instances and replaced by glorification of the occult and witchcraft through the promotion of books such the adventures of Harry Potter.

Members of the Greenville County School Board are elected to four-year terms. They represent the largest school district in South Carolina. The board consists of 12 members representing separate numbered districts. Half of the board is elected every two years. Members representing the six even numbered districts will be elected this year.

The school board is the most powerful elected body in Greenville County. They set the salary for thousands of employees and select the textbooks from which students are taught. They hire the superintendent and auditor. They have their own taxpayer funded legal staff, Legislative Liaison (lobbyist) and professional public relations staff. They approve and oversee an operating budget that exceeds $400 million annually. They approved a financial scheme that allowed them to circumvent the State constitutional debt limit, create a “dummy” corporation governed through former school board members to conduct financial transactions on their behalf. They accumulated a debt against county property owners in excess of one billion dollars that will take more than 20 years to pay off. They have power to levy taxes and sell bonds that must be paid for with interest by county property owners.

Candidates for the Greenville County School Board are not required to acknowledge party affiliation. Current board members are fiscally aligned more closely with the Obama Administration than with the Greenville County Legislative Delegation.  They have no primary election. The only time many voters see the name of their school board member is when it shows up on the General Election ballot every four years.

The candidate with the largest number of votes wins the seat for four years. In the past, some board members have been elected with less than 30 percent of the vote.

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