This is a bad year for career Washington politicians, especially those who voted for the TARP Wall Street Bailout, earmarks or other legislation supported by the Democrats and Obama administration. All incumbents in Congress are vulnerable, except true conservative Republicans and big city Democrats who have a constituency controlled by ACORN, labor unions or organizations directing racial groups. The first big name Republican to take the fall was Sen. Robert Bennett, a three term incumbent from Utah, who won his last election with 68 percent of the vote. He came in third in a three candidate convention vote just last week. Bennett had voted for the TARP Wall Street Bailout, some earmarks and had worked with Democrats on a proposed compromise health care bill. Bennett received just 27 percent of the convention vote. Tim Bridgewater, a businessman was the top vote getter with 37 percent of the vote. He will be in a runoff with attorney Mike Lee who received 35 percent. Several Democrats who saw the “hand writing on the wall” have already announced they are not seeking reelection.

Voters that are not part of the radical Alinsky revolution led by Barack Obama are fed up with both parties in Washington, are angry and don’t intend to be mislead any more. The Utah experience has raised concerns in the campaigns of two Republican candidates in South Carolina. Fourth District Congressman Bob Inglis is in a five candidate primary race. He is vulnerable on the TARP and some environmental issues. He is trying hard to return to his conservative roots, but has an uphill battle in the current political environment. Some of his traditional supporters will vote for Trey Gowdy or David Thomas and much of the Tea Party vote will be split between two political newcomers, Jim Lee and Christina Jeffrey.

Congressman Gresham Barrett, one of four Republican candidates for Governor of South Carolina voted for TARP after announcing that he was opposed to it. He was booed at a Greenville Tea Party but has been respectfully received by Republican groups since then. He is opposed in the primary by Attorney General Henry McMaster, Lt. Governor Andre Bauer and State Rep. Nikki Haley. Whoever wins the Republican primary will face strong Democrat opposition in November. Barrett has a relatively strong conservative voting record in most respects, but so did Senator Bennett.

While many Republican members of Congress are distracted from understanding the current and pending dangers to our constitutional republic by radical revolutionaries in the Congress and the White House, many of their constituents have learned quickly from the few sources of truth in the media and through Tea Party sources of information.

South Carolinians are fortunate that Senator Jim DeMint seems to understand the enemy that has deceived voters and taken over our government. He also understands that we are engaged in spiritual warfare. Many other politicians and church leaders are oblivious to this obvious truth.

President Obama and many of his staff are dedicated disciples of Saul Alinsky and are following the Alinsky instruction book, Rules for Radicals, to the letter. The book is dedicated to Lucifer, whom Alinsky described as the “first radical” who “rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom.”

David Horowitz reminds us that all modern totalitarians, including Hitler, follow a similar deceptive satanic pattern. Hitler was elected chancellor with visions of “Heaven on Earth” and then made himself Fuhrer and shut down the voting booths forever. The conclusion of his regime was “Hell on Earth.”

Americans don’t want the same conclusion experienced by the Germans in 1945, and some entrenched Career Washington politicians may learn this lesson the hard way.

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