Alvin Greene is the candidate Democrats chose in their primary election to challenge U. S. Senator Jim DeMint in the November 2, 2010, General Election. Greene won easily over a wealthy white liberal attorney politician in the Democrat primary.

Since his election as the Democrat candidate for the United States Senate, Democrat party leaders and the Progressive media have informed us that Greene is an embarrassment, an unknown quantity with limited ability, with criminal pornography charges pending against him. Allegations by a white University of South Carolina coed are the basis for the criminal charge. The alleged victim and her mother have appeared on television to dramatize the charges.

Greene’s primary opponent, with support of top party hacks, claimed to doubt Greene had sufficient funds for the filing fee from legitimate sources and had him investigated to determine where he got the funds for the filing fee.

Rep. James Clyburn, the Palmetto State’s only African-American Congressman, in public statements accused his party’s senatorial candidate of being recruited and backed by Republicans.

The Progressive media rushed to interview Greene. His every utterance, including ridiculous statements, was transformed into national headlines. He was described as being less than competent. His first political speech after his nomination before the NAACP in his home- town of Manning reportedly lasted less than 7 minutes. Reporters and television cameras from around the world attended the event. It was reportedly the largest collection of media representatives to cover an event in South Carolina since Governor Mark Sanford announced he was involved with a woman, not his wife.

News reports indicate that Greene had a poor record as a member of the US Air Force and was forced out under honorable conditions. In response to the allegations, Greene alleged that he received bad performance reports because his superiors were racists.

This writer is not swallowing the political bait. In my view, it is a political trick from the Obama Chicago playbook to encourage Republicans to lower their guard and discount the threat of a Democrat candidate who can’t touch Sen. DeMint on issues and must resort to trickery. Powerful elements of the pro-leftist Progressive media, both national and local, I suggest, are aiding the scam.

Democrats would like nothing more than to defeat Senator DeMint. He understands the Obama game plan and is recruiting candidates to oppose it in the Senate. With all the power and financial leverage of the federal government behind them, Democrats, in this critical election year, would never allow a legitimate dummy to accidentally become their candidate for the United States Senate. Alvin Greene could be part of a strategy to attempt to score a victory in South Carolina using the tactics and methods used to elect Obama president. It worked in 08, why not try it on South Carolinians.

The investigation of Greene produced nothing illegal or unethical. The criminal pornography allegations could easily disappear if the alleged victim refuses to testify against Greene.

This candidate is reportedly a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a degree in Political Science. Does USC award degrees to people who can’t make a coherent statement in the field of their degree?

Republicans should take this race seriously. The Democrat candidate for Governor will be the catalyst for a large turnout of voters. African-Americans who have not left the Democrat party traditionally vote a straight Democrat ticket. Illegal aliens may be given voting rights by Executive Order, and Democrats have a recent history of doing whatever is necessary to win elections. This year, the Justice Department will likely support whatever they do to win.

Is Alvin Greene part of the deception machine?

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