With the midterm general election only 10 weeks away, many Americans are worried about whether we can count on having an honest election in view of the Obama Administration’s track record and especially the Justice Department’s handling of the New Black Panther voter intimidation case from the last election.

Editor David Kupelian has addressed the issue head-on in the current issue of Whistleblower.

“The people currently running the show in Washington,” said Kupelian, “come from the radical leftist world of Saul Alinsky in which everything they do-no matter how unethical, corrupt or flat-out illegal-is morally justified if it advances their agenda. Winning votes and elections by any means possible is their stock in trade.”

Whistleblower surveys various stratagems and reports the far left is currently planning to consolidate their power in the U. S. long term. In this piece we will briefly mention five of the schemes that have already been mentioned in the dominant media.

Universal Voter Registration: “This is essentially a scheme to legalize voter fraud by shifting responsibility for registering to vote from the citizen to the government, meaning people are automatically registered to vote, based on DMV records, income-tax returns, welfare rolls, unemployment lists and other government databases.” This scheme is currently being secretly prepared by at least two leading members of congress, according to Whistleblower.

Illegal Immigrant Registration: Government databases contain names of non-citizens, incompetent individuals and felons who could be placed on registration rolls.

Amnesty: “Disguised once again by euphemisms like ‘comprehensive immigration reform,’ amnesty will create millions of new Democrat voters. As Obama advisor and SEIU executive vice president Eliseo Medina said recently regarding amnesty: ‘Can you imagine 8 million new voters who care about our issues and will be voting? We will be creating a voting coalition for the long term, not just for an election cycle.’”

Convicted Felon Voting: “The 9th U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals late last year cleared the way for inmates to vote from prison. The court overturned a Washington State law prohibiting felons from voting until they are released and off parole, arguing state restrictions unfairly penalized minorities since they have a higher incarceration rate. Polls show felons overwhelmingly prefer Democrats.”

Planting Operatives in America’s Statehouses: “A subversive Soros-backed group called the Secretary of State Project is gearing up to steal the 2012 election for Obama and congressional Democrats by installing left-wing Democrats as secretaries of state across the nation, from which posts they can help tilt the electoral playing field.”

There was evidence of massive voter fraud in South Carolina during the 2008 elections. It is possible and likely that individuals from out of state voted in several South Carolina counties undetected and unchecked after the fact.

Here is how it worked and will work again if no safeguards are in place:

A group of individuals from anywhere USA are given Greenville County addresses of political allies to use on registration forms. They fill out the forms using the provided address. A group leader turns in the registration forms in batches to the Greenville County Election office a few days before the deadline. There is no time to verify residential addresses. Cards are mailed to the name and address on the form. The same is repeated in several counties in South Carolina and other states. The multiple voting individuals are provided the cards with dates and times of absentee voting in the various counties. They simply travel from county to county casting votes in each. No one checks. If they did, there is no way to delete the illegally cast electronic ballot.

Only the Governor and General Assembly can provide the needed safeguards.


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