The South Carolina Republican Legislative Delegation is making history by representing their constituents even if it means going against their party leadership in Congress. The national media has noted that the South Carolina Republicans actually pray before making important decisions, seeking divine guidance rather than the guidance of the president or congressional leaders. This is apparently a unique and revolutionary practice in 2011Washington, D. C.

The Greenville County Republican Party Executive Committee unanimously passed a resolution Monday night commending the delegation for “their votes to halt the out of control and irresponsible spending of the federal government,” and encouraged them to “continue to vote in accordance with principles of limited government and low taxes.”

Since the American Revolution, South Carolinians have been known for standing on principles and fighting for what they believe is a “right” course of action. South Carolina farmers, in large part, decisively drove the British from North America and played a major role in  the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

They sacrificed everything to resist the oppressive federal government that imposed unfair tariffs on their goods. Many resisted a break with the Union, but fought to the death when their beloved state was threatened and invaded. In defeat, they refused to bow down to the occupying forces attempting to “reconstruct” their minds.

It is refreshing to see the strong, uncompromising spirit of Francis Marion, Wade Hampton  and John C. Calhoun rise again in the form of four freshmen congressmen joined by veteran “you lie” Joe Wilson to reestablish for South Carolina what Lee Atwater once described as the “firewall of Republican politics.”

Despite verbal personal attacks by liberal Democrats and their allies in the media, and the current President of the United States, coupled with arm twisting by Republican Party leadership, Trey Gowdy, Jeff Duncan, Tim Scott, Mick Mulvaney and Joe Wilson have held firm in opposition to  any plan that won’t address the key issues surrounding the debt ceiling debate: cutting spending, capping spending and balancing the budget.

Tim Scott, who names Clemson Animal Husbandry major and former Charleston County Council Chairman, the late Barrett Lawrimore as one of his mentors, told reporters: “I represent single parents and folks who work 12 hours a day. They want an American dream that still matters. I want a balanced budget amendment.”

Senator Jim DeMint, who has quietly become an influential national conservative powerhouse and helped bring several bright stars of like mind to the senate last year, is the inspirational leader of the Firewall Five in the House.

Even South Carolina’s senior senator Lindsey Graham moved away from his friend Sen. John McCain and encouraged the Firewall Five on a late night Fox News program.

“You won the right to come up here and change the country,” Graham said. “Fight for it!”

Trey Gowdy, the former Circuit Solicitor who became Fourth District Congressman and replaced Bob Inglis, is receiving national recognition for his skilled questioning of witnesses in the Congressional investigation of the US Justice Department’s “gun running” operation between border states and Mexico. Representatives Duncan, Wilson and Mulvaney are proving their worth in other areas.

We need to let these dedicated men know how much we appreciate their integrity, sacrifice and hard work.

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Mike Scruggs