While most South Carolinians were watching the election returns on television or pursuing their routine Saturday night entertainment, one hundred Upstate residents were celebrating the birthdays of two of America’s most admired and emulated military heroes, General Robert Edward Lee and Lieutenant General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson. Gen. Lee was born Jan. 19, 1807 and Gen. Jackson was born Jan. 21, 1824.

If you were born since World War II, you probably never heard anything positive about these men. That is, unless you attended a military school or one of the service academies where Lee is premier example of leadership and Jackson’s tactical genius is admired and taught.

The truth of American History has become one of the victims of politically correct insanity. Former presidential candidate Herman Cain had it right last week when he observed that we have bad government in this country because so many voters are ignorant and stupid. I might add that many of the intelligent and educated are deceived, misinformed and brainwashed of truth and indoctrinated with anti-American propaganda that would have been considered treasonous during World War II.

I continue to believe that the American people, armed with the truth, will invariably make the right choices. I had an opportunity to urge Sen. Santorum to let voters know that he understands who the incumbent president really is and what he plans for this country. He said he was doing that. He was not, but he is a good man and will hopefully learn.

I never talked directly to Mr. Gingrich, but he did what I suggested to Santorum. He drew a distinction between food stamps and paychecks and between American exceptionalism and the radicalism of Sol Alinsky.

Making that comparison, people who are informed and understand the pending danger got the message. “Old Newt may be imperfect, but he knows the opposition he faces if nominated.” If the Republican candidate has bought the liberal lie that their opponent is just incompetent, doesn’t understand how to create jobs, etc., and they can do better, they don’t deserve a single patriotic American vote.

One of the Principles of War is: “Know your enemy.” This upcoming election involves political warfare for the future and survival of the republic. The principles of warfare apply.

While on the topic of truth, it is time to end “reconstruction” in the South.

At the end of the war, northern politicians who occupied and ruled the South for 12 years discovered that there was a natural bonding between Southern whites and former slaves. They devised a plan to drive a permanent wedge between the races in the South. Those efforts continue to this day as government programs and politically motivated organizations promote hatred to keep the races divided in the South.

Should Christians of both races ever combine forces for good, they would have an awesome moral and ethical impact on the region and nation.

The 50-year-old law that requires all South Carolina election laws to be approved by the US Justice Department is part of that “wedge.” The South Carolina General Assembly and Governor need to form a coalition with other victim states and get that unconstitutional law repealed.

Opposition to a picture ID is instigated outside South Carolina and has convinced otherwise reasonable South Carolinians to believe a lie and oppose a rule that protects all South Carolinians from election fraud.

It is ridiculous to claim there is no fraud when the South Carolina Attorney General has asked SLED to investigate 900 votes cast in the names of dead people in a recent election.

While the South Carolina Legislature is being forced to move toward transparency, honesty and truth needs to be added to the requirement. We are facing certain bondage unless we change course. Only truth will set us free.


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Mike Scruggs