About ten years ago, on the occasion of my 60th birthday, I made a comment to the group my wife had assembled. To honor what I knew was a terrific bunch of people I said that, “Everybody in this room is a good human being.” Little did they know they were also shortly to become an endangered species. Without dwelling on the obvious fact that I reserved then and still count now on my place among the “good guys,” let’s talk about the larger premise.

From where I sit, the President of the United States (POTUS) has targeted the good people of America. There is really too much evidence to ignore what Obama is doing. The list of crimes against the honor and integrity of America and its people is, frankly, too long to list here. If you don’t agree with that, well, you simply aren’t paying attention.

But to wet your appetite let’s bring up just a few transgressions, in no particular order or significance. It will always shame this country to have traded 5 of the worse scum on the planet from Gitmo for 1 deserter, Beau Bergdahl. Simply put that absurd Rose Garden dog and pony show with his parents demonstrated Obama’s distain for the military. There is no way anybody can spin that to good effect and don’t give me any nonsense about we leave nobody behind…can you say Amir?

Having the chutzpah to even show up at Dover Air Force Base, along with then Sec. of State Hillary Clinton to meet the bodies of the Ambassador from Bengahzi, Libya and 3 other Americans is, well, despicable would be my word. Team Obama told lies for weeks after that sordid event about how and why it happened, to our collective shame.  And it helped the “low information” voters going to the polls in 2012 and to my astonishment re-elected the Liar-in-Chief.

Obama made a speech in Cairo in 2009, shortly after being sworn-in as POTUS. The last words in that speech were a telling ad lib made by Obama himself. What he said, in Arabic, was “I am one of you.” This should have set off fireworks around the globe, an American POTUS telling Arabs he identified with them, not us. Of course, because the MSM was and is an essential part of Team Obama that was never reported in America.

To add insult to the injury he had planned for Israel, our only real ally in the Middle East, Obama didn’t even visit Israel on that 2009 trip. Instead what he did was say publically that he intended to “put daylight” between the US and Israel. Well, he certainly has done that. And what bugs me no end is that Jews are a strong element of the Democrat base, reliably giving Obama both their money and votes. I don’t get how any Jew could still not believe Obama isn’t trying to, literally, kill them off.

Obama has issued more than one Executive Order or the equivalent that has wreaked havoc with immigration in this country. Everybody in the world wants to come to America for a reason, and Obama is trying his level best to destroy those reasons. “Sanctuary cities,” are a travesty, the deliberate attempt to give safe harbor to illegal aliens, many of whom have already committed felonies. Those illegals are literally and figuratively killing us, not only with guns but with the burden on the welfare system. Obama did this, and because nobody is stopping him he continues to do so.

And the POTUS has weaponized the government against the good people of America. Most obviously is how he has used the IRS against groups, like the Tea Party, and individuals to attack those who do not agree with his progressive/socialist policies. And that is the greatest sin a POTUS can do, turn the government against its own people.

So here we are in 2015, ramping up toward another election for POTUS next year. It will be, in my view, the most important and consequential election in my lifetime. Will the endangered species, the good people of America, go to the polls and put a better man in the White House? Gender bias admitted.

Or has Obama succeeded in destroying that species of Americans? Can it be that another corrupt liar, like Hillary Clinton, could get elected in 2016? That can only happen if my worst fears have been realized and the “good people” of America don’t vote in 2016. Can we count on you?


David W. Thompson worked in government, education and the non-profit sector for more than forty years. A graduate of Westminster College and Harvard University, he resides in Easley, SC. You can follow him on his blog, “Smokealarms



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