There are some astonishing things happening in America as we speak, not least important of them is the fact that the minority is having its way with the majority. Obama’s actions are and should be a concern and the fact is, the majority of Americans do not agree with POTUS. And the question of how that could happen is answered by the progressives having adopted Obama’s “Chicago style.” That means shut down the opposition by whatever means necessary. The truth is that under the false pretense of being liberal, the progressives have exposed their true nature…they are fascist at heart.

What liberals can’t stand is being called out, having their nonsense confronted by facts. Liberals operate on one level only, a purely emotional consciousness. Really, all kidding aside, liberals live a facts-free existence. What issue would you like to discuss, for example, “global warming?”

That was the first phrase used by Obama to justify one mechanism for redistributing federal resources (your money). When a few courageous scientists began to speak up that the globe was not, in fact, warming two things happened. First, those who had the audacity to challenge the party line got attacked, their credentials ridiculed and they were mocked by the President himself as “climate deniers.” Second, when the heavy handed approach only succeeded in intensifying the resistance and increasing the search for the truth, Team Obama shifted gears. The new phrase became “climate change.” Having failed to sell the approach that we should take dramatic steps and spend massive amounts of our money on an issue that was not true and, more importantly, was not a priority they tried a new phrase.

“Climate change” is more benign, and far easier to defend. The facts are that the climate changes all the time, winter does become summer after all. Having thus obfuscated the issue, liberals led by Obama continue to push for spending money we don’t have on an issue that virtually nobody thinks is a priority. This is the classic modus operandi (MO) of the left. They want what they want and facts and the majority are ignored.

That this routine succeeds is on us: we enable this petulant behavior by not refusing its demands and resisting its implementation. When Obama said he had “a pen and a phone,” he was throwing down the gauntlet to Congress. Having failed to get his way with the legislative branch the POTUS announced he would rule by fiat. Executive Orders and their regulations would now replace laws. This is the tactic of a dictator, a fascist by any other name.

The wonder is that the GOP gained the majority in Congress with the 2014 elections, which added the Senate to the House they already controlled. In spite of that, Obama continues to accomplish his goals because the impotent Congress does not resist. This is beyond shameful; and it’s undemocratic to say the least. What Obama does is unconstitutional, he does not have the power to enact laws and yet he is allowed to do so by the legislative branch of government. As a practical matter, therefore, the fascists are winning.

My Christmas experience included being reminded that not everyone shares my conservative viewpoint.  It is OK with me that family gatherings should lead to robust conversation, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Not so with liberals, they are deeply offended should you not agree with them. When did we lose the belief in the First Amendment (1A)?

Conservatives believe that not only do we have a right to freedom of speech, we also have a duty to speak out against evil. The Founding Fathers certainly believed in the duty to confront wrong, they knew Edmund Burke was right when he said, “the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Today’s progressives, however, want to stamp out 1A completely.

There can be little doubt that “political correctness” (PC) is not just aimed at having a chilling effect on free speech. Taken to its extreme conclusion PC aims to control speech altogether. Certainly we see this put into effect by Obama and his use of government as a weapon against those who don’t agree. The Tea Party movement learned just how viciously the IRS can be used against citizens who have the nerve to speak their minds.

The legacy of Obama is his attempt to ignore the rule of law and in so doing act like the fascist he and the progressives are in their hearts.


David W. Thompson worked in government, education and the non-profit sector for more than forty years. A graduate of Westminster College and Harvard University, he resides in Easley, SC. You can follow him on his blog, “”


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