My Dad used to say it, “Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.” And I admit, among the things that progressives are doing lately that make me laugh are those signs that say, “Not my President.”

There are so many real and imagined grievances between and among us that one of the takeaways from the elections of 2016 is the indisputable fact that Obama succeeded. Oh, he lost an election alright; indeed, he lost in epic fashion. But his larger quest was to “fundamentally transform” this country and, by golly, he did so. As readers of this column know, my spin on his legacy will be anything but generous. Then again, even we amateur historians take a stab at “fair and balanced” now and again.

We used to be able to carry the weight, to shoulder without complaint the burdens of being a citizen in this land, the greatest country in history. No more; the MSM now carps about most everything and those masses who once “yearned to be free,” are now merely “useful idiots.” Obama succeeded in getting re-elected in 2012 and some would say in a larger sense as well, because he utilized a divide and conquer strategy. Military folks know one never splits the troops up, and yet there are examples…with names such as Chancellorsville.

To paint life, we start with black and white but we learn to live in the grey because, well, it’s the hues that make a life colorful.

In “the good old days,” it was our characteristic, the willingness to share the load to do our part that made us the one exceptional country. It was also why we were the indispensable country. America was the “shining city on a hill,” and we served as a beacon of hope for the masses. That is just plain truth. We made ourselves that way… we were willing as Mr. Lincoln said, “To give the last full measure of devotion.” God blessed America in myriad ways, none more important than what we can honestly say was our character.

Here is another homily for you: character never goes out of style.

“There you go again, David” Yup, it’s not hard to pick up on how easily a conservative slides back into those comfortable old shoes…they still feel good. And why should we be asked, nay required, to change our ways, to cast asunder all that was and is good about America? Hmm, those dastardly progressives say the Constitution is a “living document.” Well we can talk about that… can’t we? In the meantime, until you can sell the idea that what you think feels good gets us closer to best practice, then that beautiful old document is still the law of the land. Even you, Mr. President, don’t get to ignore it.

Erma Bombeck, RIP, had a book and wisdom, The Grass Is Always Green Over the Sceptic Tank.

The wails now emanating from the liberals in this land ostensibly because Donald Trump won the election, exceed any previously known experience. The crying, literally, is offered as proof that Donald Trump is everything they abhor… and we should too. Rather, what the pathetic demonstration really shows is just how unhinged that element of society has become. The yearning now is not to be free with all its attendant responsibilities, but for a “safe place.” The latest emotional spasm of the left is not a “demonstration:” that would be a candle light vigil. When you adopt violence as a tactic, you have crossed a line. Are we clear?

The enemy is inside the gates. How is this for candor… save for the fact that my kids are already out of college, my paying for that would have ended. Why would parents at some colleges continue to pay big bucks and/or shoulder massive loans that will keep them in hock for the duration so lunatics masquerading as professors can, again literally, lead the charge? Apparently we disagree that to block traffic and destroy private/public property constitutes breaking the law. Be careful what you wish for, Snowflake, when you defy the rule of law you plant a seed. Even weeds grow up through the cracks in the cement, indeed, especially the weeds.

Which brings me back to those signs referenced at the outset and one last word of advice: being a victim is a choice.

It remains one of life’s great mysteries why anyone would make such a choice. Yet for the last eight years we clearly, in the vast majority of places in this country, also believed in “Not my President.”

David W. Thompson worked in government, education and the non-profit sector for more than forty years. A graduate of Westminster College and Harvard University, he resides in Easley, SC. You can follow him
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