Take a deep breath and calm down. This public service announcement is directed at all parties currently hyperventilating, for whatever the reason.

The recent affront to Congressman Trey Gowdy by the always ludicrous poser Adam Schiff D-Calif., calling him “one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse,” was over the line. Such comments shadow other, more bombastic and even more absurd comments by ‘Mad’ Max Waters, D-Calif, who called for outright violence against all Trump supporters. Those are members of Congress, Democrats mind you, elected by some obviously confused, if not disturbed, element of Americans. Here is a brief menu of some other issues offered by the Democrats, over which you are expected to become hysterical.

  • It might be considered a new phase in the cultural war going on in America, calling for violence, except that it’s not new. As previously mentioned in this column, it’s a page taken directly out of the Bible of the left: “Rules for Radicals” (Alinsky). To wit: the 11th rule is, “If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside.” In other words, no matter how ridiculous a tactic may be, what is required to make it successful is commitment. If you have a willingness to spend enough personal energy and waste enough resources…you will succeed. Of course, the instinct to define ‘succeed’ always challenges socialists and the anarchists at the tip of their spear.
  • America has always hesitated to admit that we all pay a price for wars, the blood on the battlefield is but the first payment. Families, of course, pay a huge price. Part of my lack of appreciation for the vitriol over immigrant children supposedly being separated from their families at the border is because that happens constantly to Veterans and nobody blinks an eye. Obviously the issue isn’t separating children that so excites the progressives; apparently their affection starts and ends with illegal kids…a Veteran’s kids don’t qualify for their tears.
  • The most recent excuse to come unglued in D.C. is over the eminently qualified Judge that the President nominated for SCOTUS. Like it or not his name is irrelevant to the process, because Democrats have already issued press releases stating their intent to vote ‘no;’ how utterly absurd is that. Without any vetting and no hearings the Senate Democrats have already declared they will vote against a qualified nominee. The Senate, by the way, fancies itself as the ‘greatest deliberative body in the world.”
  • President Trump went to a meeting with NATO recently, and repeated what he had told them a year ago. The NATO charter says that members pledge to spend at least 2% per year on their own defense, and only five members currently are doing so. Why spend their money when those Americans will pick up the tab for everybody. The USA pays about 70% of NATO at this time. Donald Trump gave them a year’s warning: pay up or explain why you can’t. Does that make you go off the rails?
  • Our POTUS has a simple slogan, “America First.” Who on this side of the Atlantic Ocean can argue with that; well, apparently all Democrats. In a classic spasm of the idiocy for which is he known and will forever be remembered; former Sec. of State John Kerry said that our President’s NATO comments were “disgraceful.” As if John Kerry has the gravitas and moral standing to make such a judgement.
  • There is no argument that can be made on a rational level in support of socialism, only on the emotional level does socialism exist. The idea that life is improved by having government own/control the means of production simply has no successful model to emulate. The facts of Venezuela, for example, are easily dismissed and conveniently not reported by the media in service to the progressive agenda. That socialism is expected to stir your blood in America has no tradition and no history.

So, it’s in the streets of America, where the socialist/progressive/democrats hope to convince you to vote their way in November. It’s a badly flawed and certainly short sighted tactic that uses violence as a means of persuasion. But Democrats have never exhibited a penchant for history or facts; rather, they use emotions exclusively as the basis for their arguments.

That lack of appreciation for facts is easy to analyze…the facts don’t go their way, so they try and ignore them.

Stay frosty America, November is almost here.

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