Some say the Democrats are poised to take back the House in Congress in the November elections. They must gain a net of 25 seats to do so. If the turnout of Republican voters in November is like it was in the Ohio special election of District 12 in August, the Democrats may well regain the majority. Why would people vote for a Democrat in 2018 in a Congressional election…that is incomprehensible. The answer must be that people don’t know what being a Democrat means. Being a Democrat means you support killing babies. Moreover, you support having tax dollars go to Planned Parenthood to perform those abortions, which represent 93% of their services. There is no equivocating on this subject, to be a Democrat means you are OK with murdering the unborn for the convenience of the woman. Being a Democrat also means you believe making a decision to abort a child is entirely the woman’s decision, the man whose sperm made the child has no rights in the decision to abort. Just the issue of abortions alone is reason enough not to vote for a Democrat, but there are many other reasons as well.

Being a Democrat means you are against the tax cuts passed by Republicans last year. Not a single Democrat voted for those tax cuts. The Democrats have vowed that if they regain the majority, they will rescind the tax cuts. The tax cuts have stimulated the economy, which now has hit 4.1% expansion of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Under President Obama the economy never expanded at 2% of GDP. This year individual deduction on personal income taxes will double, to $24,000, which will make a huge difference in what people will owe the IRS. The tax cuts have been good for the economy and good for individuals, nobody in their right mind would want to roll them back.

Being a Democrat means you refuse to fund building a wall on our southern border with Mexico. It also means you refuse to revise our immigration laws, which are badly in need of change. Moreover, Democrats are also saying they want to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), because their job is to enforce the immigration laws as written. Democrats believe in giving illegal aliens a sanctuary in cities and states where Democrats control government…in other words they refuse to enforce the laws regarding illegals. If we have a country based on rule of laws, we can’t pick and choose which ones we will abide.

Being a Democrat also means you do not agree with the Second Amendment, our right to keep and bear arms, and that it shall not be infringed.

Being a Democrat means you refuse to consider nominations made by the President for the Supreme Court (SCOTUS). President Obama made two appointments to the SCOTUS, and both were confirmed by a bi-partisan vote. The Democrats have obstructed the process of confirmations for Judges at all levels of the Federal Court system since Donald Trump became President. Obama’s nominee’s faced 17 cloture votes in his first four years. Trump’s have faced 108 in just 18 months…and unprecedented level of obstruction.

And being a Democrat means you support impeaching Donald Trump. If they regain the majority in the House, Democrats have pledged to start impeachment proceedings. What impeachment would do is block all other issues from being considered for months, in other words our efforts to Make America Great Again would be stalled. There are no grounds for Democrats to legally impeach Donald Trump, which requires “high crimes and misdemeanors.” As much as Democrats would like it to be so, refusing to accept the results of the election of 2016 is not grounds for impeachment. Forget that Hillary Clinton spoke about refusing to accept the results of an election being ‘Un-American,” Democrats are determined to get the duly elected President out of office. It will not happen, of course, even if they do gain the majority in the House and start impeachment; the Senate would not convict so it would be a huge waste of time and focus. Supporting impeachment is proof that Democrats only care about their agenda, not what is good for the country.

Being a Democrat means you believe that government should rule over our lives. The Founding Fathers believed government should be limited and only exercise power in certain ways. Democrats want  bureaucrats in government to run the country. Stay in the fight, Patriots; do not vote for Democrats…but vote.

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