Joe Biden recently in a speech said, that if he is elected president he would protect all Americans from violence and destruction of private property. That would be like Frank and Jesse James during their outlaw careers saying, that they would protect all banks from armed robbery.

Welcome to the Democrat Political Plantation, which includes Antifa, Black Lives Matter (BLM), Planned Parenthood, radical feminist organizations, and the sodomite organizations. The overseers on this political plantation are "Crazy-Eyed" Pelosi and "Cry-Baby" Schumer. Their main political objective is to destroy the influence of the three foundational pillars of this country: God, family, and our Constitution.

The recent Republican National Convention was a star-spangled banner extravaganza, except for the sodomite that spoke there. This sodomite was the previous acting Director of National Intelligence, who was appointed by President Trump. The act of sodomy is still a very wicked abomination to God and man. At one time in this country, every existing state had anti-sodomy laws that were enforced for public health and the moral well-being of their communities. By allowing this sodomite to give a speech at the Convention, it signals to adults as well as children across this land that to engage in the dark practice of sodomy is normal. We do not need the inclusion of everyone and every philosophy to make up this so-called "Big Tent" political party. Right is right, and wrong is definitely wrong! The Republican Party can still win elections without violating its moral principles.

One of the speakers at the Convention was Nikki "Political Opportunist" Haley who is looking for some avenue to serve in the future Trump administration or run for president. When Haley was governor of South Carolina she came up with some "magnificent" solutions to the state's overall problems. One of these beauties that she "brainstormed" as a solution was to take down the Confederate Battle Flag, flying atop the Confederate Soldier Memorial on the state capitol grounds. She accomplished this by getting enough state house and senate members to go along with her politically correct voodoo politics to remove the flag. She did this purely as a political move and said that by taking down the flag, that it would help heal and solve the racist problem concerning the black people who were killed in a church in Charleston. It didn't solve the racism problem, it instead made it worse. Haley sadly failed to understand that murders, adultery, fornication, and all sin comes from the heart of man, and until the heart of man changes the world will not change--except a soul accepts the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour. Therefore the so-called brilliant political move of taking down the flag solved nothing. The worse thing that can happen for America would be if Nikki Haley were to run for president.

The politically correct philosophy has brought America to the brink of destruction. For the last several decades, professors in America's colleges and universities have been brainwashing their students into believing that America is a corrupt and evil nation. These schools of Socialism have turned out the adults who are members of Antfia, and they are the ones who are burning, looting, and killing. The politically correct attitude of BLM is that white people owe them a living. Truth needs no excuse, and we as Americans should not be afraid to speak out against these terrorist Communists groups. The politicians in Washington--especially the Democrats--must stop pandering to Antifa and BLM.

If, and we hope not, Biden and Harris are elected in November, there will be a rise of militia groups in America to defend people and property. As bad as it is today with the rioting, looting, and killing while President Trump is in office, how much worse would it be if Biden and Harris were elected? There are not enough police to protect everyone; therefore, you need to prepare to protect yourself and your family.

Senator Tim Scott gave a very inspiring speech at the Convention in which he said, "Our family went from Cotton to Congress in one lifetime." This shows that anyone in America whether black, white, red, or yellow can obtain their goals if they work at it.

What our country needs today more than ever before is the straightforward truth about what is taking place in America.

BLM is living off of the fat of the land by extorting millions of dollars from US businesses because they believe they are purchasing their fire and looting insurance from BLM.

I and millions of Americans would gladly contribute money to get BLM and Antifa members a fast jet plane ride to the jungles of Africa, so they can live with the animals they are acting like.

If any BLM members get in my face and threats me that I must repeat the name of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor as they have so many, I would very gladly comply and repeat the name of 357 Magnum. Vote Trump and Pence on November 3, 2020.

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