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Friday, July 12, 2024 - 07:37 AM


First Published in 1994


If you feel sad and alone, you shouldn't worry about nothing. God is on your side. He's a strength to Find in any calamity, and Could be your Firm hold on life. His Never changing hand should always be your guidepost in Life. You don't have to hurt yourself or others or be alone with God in your life. The children of Greenville County and all the SC Upstate, know we are all in your corner.

God is a strong hand to rely on. If we Walk in the Light of God we should not want to overdose on drugs or shoot ourselves with a Gun. There are always Good Times around the Corner for us if we Hang on and if we rely on him and those that love us.

If you feel alone with no one to help you, don't worry about it. Stay close to your family and people who love you. If your parents are not here still, Stay close to your grandparents and Uncles and Aunts who love you. You should not feel any ways tired of Life's ups and downs. Take sides with God and Run and Stay close to God's Holy Family and Holy Spirit.  And our Dear Heavenly Father will see you through many More good times in the Future. 

When you feel you have never been on a Cruise or Found friends; Remember God's unchanging hand will see you through many more Good Times in life. Even if you can't go on that long dreamed-about cruise with your wife or have Many crazy friends that would reverse the sad times in life; don't worry. Your daughter that is fresh out of college that's making money now that moved back home could take care of her dear parents that both still loves each other forever. So if you have a close family that makes all the difference. 

Always in life stay close to your family members and people who love you. That would keep you from being used and abused by people who don't have your best interest at heart. You would hit the nail on the head at all times if you stay Close to your family. You would not need to hurt yourself or be in misery with Family and Loved ones that got your back and could always come to your rescue.

Also, don't feel you weren't a success or a failure in life. If you weren't Shirley MacLaine, Judy Garland, Patti LaBelle, Elizabeth Taylor, or Clark Gable; don't worry. You didn't have to be on Star Seach or now The Voice to have an attitude! You just could be simply the best bookseller, janitor, Peer Counselor, Librarian, Substitute teacher, office worker, Social worker, College Basketball star, Toy saleswoman, or Daycare teacher in all of Greenville County or wherever you live. You shouldn't sell yourself short, and try to pursue down-to-earth achievements and goals you could easily accomplish in Life.

You shouldn't have to say "Up yours" "When Gilligan went out the Island" or say "You got to strut" through life when things don't go your way. Always remember that God is a Light-house through any difficulty or trial. And make sure you stay Close to your family and people who love you. Cut out People in your Life who want to downrate you, Use you, or Abuse you. Always remember that the Light-house of God and the Providence of His Light would always keep you in his Care and keeping. And that God would remember you at the End of your Life course.