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Saturday, July 13, 2024 - 08:20 AM


First Published in 1994


Can a balloon demonstrate who really owns the administration in Washington, and by association, American foreign policy?

Apparently, it can.

The recent transit and shoot down of a Chinese spy balloon are more than a metaphor for poor American foreign policy and decision making—it is proof positive that those who currently run our country are bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist Party.

What else can explain the reticence to shoot down a spy vehicle launched by a hostile country that invaded our air space and soared across the US gathering intelligence on some of our most sensitive and important military bases?

The Bidens, in particular, the father and son duo of Joe and Hunter have been extremely chummy with some of the most corrupt players in the world:  the Ukrainian energy conglomerate Burisma, the wife of the mayor of Moscow—and various other creatures from the underbelly of international business society.

Put this together with our Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s comments that China is “not our enemy”—something he has stated several times—and you have a cosmic soup of corruption that is steering the USA behind the tail of China.

The old cliché that “It is all about the money” has never been truer than in this case.

We certainly see this in the sports world when a star athlete is accused of beating his wife, or committing some other egregious crime; there are wagging fingers and some minor slaps on the wrist, and then back to the playing field.  Why?  The money, plain and simple.

But when it comes to keeping Americans safe, nothing can be “plain and simple.”

We need our federal government and our intelligence agencies to be right on top of hostile powers bent on the destruction of our country.

How many billions have been sent to Ukraine in a frail effort to help them defeat Russia?  In this case, ask yourself the question, “What is the end?  What does success look like?”  Perhaps you should ask one of your representatives who voted to send that money.  Chances are you will get a lot of dead air; they have no answers and cannot explain their position.

The reality is that most of the products that you pick up at the big box stores are made in China.  Companies like McDonalds and Starbucks are opening up more stores in China to profit from its vast consumer well.

Consider also, that most of our antibiotics are made in China, as well as the over-the-counter pain relievers you use. 

How did all of this happen? 

It’s all about the money.

China manufacturing is much, much cheaper than here in the USA.  After all, they are practically using slave labor to produce the goods that we consume.  That iPhone you use was made by people being forced to work in deplorable conditions.

Our federal government is playing a very dangerous game.  One would like to call it a game of chess, but it is more like “Follow the leader.”

American intelligence services, both foreign and domestic, are dancing to the tune of the off target federal government, who in turn is following the Chinese Pied Piper.

The Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese military are the greatest exterior threat to our country.  A federal government who will not protect its citizens because its leaders are lining their pockets with graft will eventually open itself up to complete destruction, and the American people will be the real losers.

Even a confirmed atheist might be compelled to pray that the insanity will stop.  We are presently staring down the barrel of another almost two years of this trajectory.

Can America as we know it survive this?

There was a time when opposing parties would disagree on basic domestic issues of economics and how best to spend the federal dollar.  But they always knew who the enemy was and were quick to defend the American people.  This should make us long for the good old days.

But there is no room for error here.  Either Washington will wake up and work for the best interests of the people, or the ship of state will sink bringing us all down together.

There is still time to change the course of the Ship of State.  We can do our sacred duty when we enter the voting booth.

But wait:  Considering the controversies of the recent elections, will our vote go where it is supposed to go?

We hope and pray it will.

The alternative is too tragic to even consider.

Joseph M Bianchi is an author and journalist based in Greenville, SC.  His work has appeared in national and international publications.