I do not understand why the bill H.3456 is not on the floor of SC Congress for discussion and passing of this bill. What are you doing to protect my 2nd Amendment rights?

American history and history of other nations tells us not to give up our guns:

  • A Japanese General was asked, “Why did you bomb Pearl Harbor instead of coming on land to attack America”? He stated because all the Americans had guns and would shoot us. We would be fighting the military and the people. We could not win that way.
  • Look at what’s going on in Venezuela since given up their guns. They kept warning us to not give up our guns for years. Telling us to look at them. They refused for a long time not to give up their guns, but over the years they gave in. They stated that within months after giving up their guns, they were under dictatorship.

Look at what’s going on in Venezuelan now. All aide from other nations are being blocked so that is no food, water and medicine being allowed into the country to help the people. They are starving to death and worst. But the Dictator will not let aid get to the people. Our trucks are sitting at the border, but the people cannot get to them, because they have no guns to fight the evil leaders with, who took their guns away. At least 1500 soldiers have run away to other nations begging for help, just this year. They are being made to torture their own people.

Now, why do they want to take our guns away, when history teaches us the opposite? Unless it’s for controlling us by dictatorship? History throughout the world shows that the strongest and safest countries that stand the longest are the ones were their people are also armed. So, why are they trying to take our guns away from us. What’s the true motive behind it? You do know that they are trying to disarm the good people only, because the evil ones will always be able to get guns from the black market. Leaving the good people defenseless.

Guns just lay there on the table and never move, until a human picks it up. Guns are just metal and do not pull its own trigger, a human has to do this. So, get your minds off the guns and start looking at the people who uses them. One way is to get tougher laws on the books and then enforce them!

Past the H.3456 bill for the right to carry!

I am one of the quiet ones of 2016. Remember 2016, when they kept saying that Donald Trump could never win. The polls showed this as well. But when the time was right, the people, the quiet ones came out and he became the next President of America. So, don’t think we’ll be quiet this time around.  We are just waiting for the right time to come out and show fangs again!

Have you heard of the RINO Hunt group? I am a member. We are the ones who are going after the RINOs; Republicans In Name Only. These are the people who run as a republican promising to vote as the people want, according to our traditional conservative ways. But, once in Columbia they vote with enemy, thereby breaking their promises to the people who put them in.  We are identifying these fake republicans and informing the people who they are and telling them to vote them out of office. We are not going to take it anymore from these lying evil thieves. They hold up or stop any good laws from being past. They are some of the troublemakers in SC Congress.

 Know this, we Americans know how to fight for our rights given to us by our forward fathers. Who lived through this kind of thinking and fought for freedom and begot America because of it? They knew the day would come when history would want to repeat itself, and our wicked leaders would try to take our guns away. That’s why they gave us “The Constitution of the United States of America and the Declaration of Independence.” This was to help the people have the right tools to fight for our rights.

We Americans know how to fight. We will not run to other nations as others are doing and ask to be taken care of at the taxpayers’ expense and while our own people do without. And at the same time, waving their own country's flag and not ours. They didn’t even care enough for their own country to stand and fight for it! But we Americans know how to stand and fight for our country, our history proves this. And we will not be quite and go away. Just because we are quite doesn’t mean that we are going to continue taking it. The leaders of this country do not know just how mad the people are getting. You cannot and will not destroy this nation, we the people will not allow it! We will and are able to fight to save this nation and to bring it back to God. We are going to fight you!

You will not change or take away our Constitution, we will fight you to the end, if needed. As the wicked run their mouths with hate and lies, all they have succeeded was to awaken the people to seeing their wick ways and evil intents.

Know that we the people will fight to save our country! Amen and Amen!

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