Years ago, about 11:00 PM I exited the Cooper River Bridge from Mt. Pleasant and merged onto I-26 toward Summerville.  Suddenly, one tire exploded!  Driving slowly on the tire rim, I finally found a place wide enough to pull over.  Around midnight I began to pray for help.  Miraculously, a young, off-duty, black police officer stopped to help me.  He changed my tire and sent me on my way.  Feeling eternally grateful, I mailed our Charleston policeman a thank you note.  This story exemplifies America’s vision of our men in blue.

Looking  back to the 1960’s riots and how badly police were portrayed on TV then, I’m shocked that we’re repeating history.  Like my rescuer, the vast majority of local police are upstanding citizens who strive every day to serve and protect.  It’s one thing to focus on one unfortunate incident at a time.  It’s another thing to bring about mass destruction of property and livelihoods over any incident.  In the 1960’s I asked, “Who’s paying for those signs?”  The rich planners bought signs and used street protesters as pawns.

In 1963, anti-war demonstrations, riots and drugs justified cities to form “Police Review Boards”  that were run by radical leftists and anti-cop agitators.  Review Boards installed regulations that made police work very difficult.  This situation helped leftists’ appeals for federal control.  Therefore, the federal government responded by establishing the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA). 

Marxist riot planners’ policing goals:  First, the idea is planted that local police are bad and must be reformed.  Second, federal guidelines and recommendations are issued.  Third, the federal government sets

regulations over local police departments; Fourth, local police are put under federal control.  Fast forward to 2020.  Likely unknowingly, our S.C. Senator Time Scott repeated history when introducing “The Justice Act” that imposes unconstitutional federal guidelines on local  police departments.  Why did Republicans jump to propose unconstitutional policing legislation ahead of Democrats?  I don’t know.

According to the latest “Freedom Index” (published by The New American Magazine), a constitutional scorecard with explanations for each of 10 (key) votes, Senator Scott (R-S.C.) scored 60%, and Senator Graham (R-S.C.) (scored) 0%.  Current average Constitutional votes for Congress (as a whole): House: 36%; Senate: 28%. 

Citizens rose up against creating (a) federal police (force) in the 1960’s.  Thanks to citizen pushback, the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) became the only governmental institution to be eliminated.  In the 60’s/70’s, Americanist educational organizations like the John Birch Society helped inform citizens who then convinced the Feds to abolish the LEAA. 

While watching history repeat itself with recent riots nearby, it seemed that Charleston’s police appeared impotent that first night of looting.  Or, were they instructed to stand down?  I was shocked that Charleston City Council acted quickly to remove the John C. Calhoun statue in Marion Square.  Whether council wanted to protect it, or get rid of it, what we know is that Marxists/Socialists want to abolish America’s history by removing statues, etc.  Their desire is to replace our Constitutional Republic with a dictatorship.  A quick look at (a communist site) reveals calls for revolution.  Are there others out there?

For decades, Socialists, Democrats, Communists and Neo-Con Republicans have been scheming to fundamentally transform America, as has been the United Nations.  During recent riots, I watched a mayor refer to her city as a “Strong City”.  Up went a red flag! I asked myself, “Did she just reveal that her city belongs to the United Nations’ “Strong

Cities Network” launched by the United Nations September 29, 2015?

A while back, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch laid out the “Strong Cities Network” plan saying, “The Strong Cities Network would become an Alliance of Nations, a step to build a global community”.  Lynch listed strong city goals, one (of) which is to take control of a city’s law enforcement policy and another is to work towards disarming citizens of their guns.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want the U.N. dictating American cities’ law enforcement policies.  And I surely don’t want them taking our guns.

Our Constitutional Republic is a federal system that gives congressmen and senators limited power.  America’s founders feared elected officials would misinterpret the Constitution.  Therefore, they added the Bill of Rights—10 amendments to clarify citizens’ rights and limits on the federal government.  Amendments 9 and 10 clearly advise that the Federal Government is not to engage in any new laws, or areas of government, not specifically written in the Constitution.  Therefore, Senator Scott’s bill legislates against the autonomy of local police and is not constitutional. 

(Please) call Senator Scott (843) 727-4525 and (202) l224-6121 and Senator Graham (843) 849-3887 and (202) 224-5972.  Tell them to SUPPORT OUR LOCAL POLICE AND KEEP THEM INDEPENDENT (and) withdraw “The Justice Act” (from further consideration) and become masters of our U.S. Constitution.  Please advise relatives and friends across our nation to do likewise.

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