This delirium demonstrated by many African Americans when it comes to the Democrat Party is astounding! It reminds me of a song from way back in the 60's by screaming, Jay Hawkins, "I Put A Spell On You," or as the song further says, "...I put a spell on you because you're mine...!" So it would seem, objectivity and fairness are virtues which have left the heart of people of color willing to accept the lies and blatant hypocrisy of the Democrat Party. Yes, this can be the only answer for this blind allegiance to a Party that blames you when they lose elections (Hillary Clinton) as if there wasn't anything else about her, or her campaign, that may have caused "sane voters" to raise questions and vote the other way. "I put a spell on you because your mine!" That is exactly what the Democratic Party feels about African Americans. The DNC assumes they own the African American people so they also own your vote and practically dare you to leave the Democratic Party. Thus, people of color are forever constrained to the cotton fields and can never leave the "Plantation," for if you leave the "Plantation," you're no longer Black. Just ask Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, who clearly expressed those same sentiments when he boldly proclaimed, "...If you don't vote for me, you ain't Black...!"

Over in Michigan, Congresswoman, Karen Whitsett, an African American of the 13th Congressional district, was censored by the District Democrat Party Organization for thanking Donald Trump for suggesting Hydroxychloroquine for her treatment for COVID-19, which she claimed (doctors agreed) saved her life! Oops! She came off the "Plantation" and the master was not pleased and punished "missy" for leaving. No outrage from any of our African American activist or women's rights organizations. No one responded to this blatant act of bullying. Virtually no civic group came to her aid. Her crime...? Getting healed by Hydroxychloroquine and then saying "thank you" to the President who "prescribed" it.

Former Democrat Georgia State Representative, Vernon Jones, resigned in April after invoking the wrath of the party when he began to express another perspective other than the party platform. Rep. Vernon Jones broke free and escaped. "The way the Democrat Party has treated me this past week has made one thing clear: they are the bigots they claim to hate and I won't be silent about it," Jones said. Well, I say, he broke the spell! Also note why this black man is leaving: the hatred and bigotry within the Democrat Party.

Hey, back to Joe Biden, too many African Americans, due to the mainstream media's false narratives, view Donald Trump as racist. Now I know he makes crude statements, and personally, I would never tease or mock anyone about a clearly deteriorating condition that is obviously taking its toll on Joe Biden. Now with that said, I still challenge African Americans regarding how can you vote for Biden, who, while a sitting Senator said, "...Integrating Black Students would turn schools into a jungle..." and "I don't want my children to grow up in a jungle, in a racial jungle..." These comments beg the question in 2020: How in the world can the Democrat Party even present Joe Biden as a candidate for President with the hopes that African Americans would rally around him? Why? "Cause I got a spell on you! Because you re mine...!"

Now, to my biggest gripe with the Black Community: it is the tolerance, and in many cases, support of, Planned Parenthood, who is the leading killer of African Americans with a tally of well over 20,000,000 babies thus far. Why would the Black Community elect leaders who are determined to support the mandate of Planned Parenthood, when they know Planned Parenthood, by their own admission, recognize their founder, Margaret Sanger, was deeply involved in eugenics and clearly a racist and a bigot.

"The removal of Margaret Sanger's name from our building is both a necessary and overdue step to reckon with our legacy and acknowledge Planned Parenthood's contributions to historical reproductive harm within communities of color," Karen Seltzer, chair of the board at Planned Parenthood of Greater New York, said in a statement. "Margaret Sanger's concerns and advocacy for reproductive health have been clearly documented, but so too has her racist legacy."

Black Lives Matter has not said, nor done anything, to facilitate the removal of Margaret Sanger's name anywhere. Her bust is still in the Portrait Gallery in Washington DC. Black Lives Matter collaborates on urban projects with the leading killer of African Americans. The eugenic ideology now confessed still functions in every operation of Planned Parenthood. – "Less People Of Color." Our democratically elected officials, predominantly elected by people-of-color, and all of this, is chiefly orchestrated by the Democrat Party. How can Black People have no outcry? Because screaming Jay Hawkins has got right....

So, Hillary Clinton, the same Hillary Clinton who blamed Black folks for not winning the 2016 election, actually received the Margaret Sanger Award. Margaret Sanger, as you know now, is the founder of the leading killer, Planned Parenthood, who just confessed publicly their racist founders' actions. Perhaps this is as Malcolm X said, "...the chickens coming home to roost..." Hillary, you needed the black vote, but there was not enough of them left to vote for you because of the decimation of the Black community by abortion which you support! You support it so much they gave you an award! Well, you just were "awarded the no-vote" in November of 2016. I guess "what goes around comes around...."

Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton received the Margaret Sanger Award and both call Donald Trump Racist? Some African Americans call Donald Trump racist and yet he fights to have them born and experience the American Dream. Donald Trump knows of the over 1,300 African Americans that are killed each day by abortion and is trying to stop the decimation of the African American Community by abortion. Yet the facilitators, along with the victims, (not the child victim) call the liberator racist. Why? You know now why; screaming Jay Hawkins has been replaced by the Democrat Party but the song is the same!

I Got A Spell On You And You're Mine!


Pastor Clenard Howard Childress, a life long resident of Montclair, New Jersey, joined the New Calvary Baptist Church in September of 1974 under the pastorate of Dr. Shellie Sampson. In 1978, he was appointed Director of the Youth Department, to organize and educate youth.

He also served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Superintendent of the Sunday School Department and Vice-President of the Outreach Ministries

Pastor Childress successfully completed Northern Baptist School of Religion in 1986 where he majored in Christian Education.

He was ordained in 1988 by the North Jersey Shiloh Association and later installed as Senior Pastor of New Calvary in April of 1989.

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