The South Carolina State Convention is going to be aDonnybrook! While I do NOT expect, and do NOT condone intimidation, violence,and subversively disturbing the peaceful and orderly flow of discussion anddebate, I can assure you that PATRIOT voices WILL be heard in Columbia at ourState Convention. PATRIOTS are on the move and our voices will NOT be silenced.

If Drew McKissick thinks for one minute that hecan "weaponize" Robert's Rules of Order to control the RepublicanParty State Convention narrative, drown out the voices of conservative PATRIOTS,and tamp down the overwhelming DEVOTION that we have to the principles found inthe Republican Party Platform, he is grossly mistaken and the State Chair of fantasyland.

My advice to McKissick would be to let "Wethe People" speak and simply get out of the way and let South Carolinapolitical history take her course.

Why? If this movement is of God, no one will beable to harness and control its power. The POWER of the PATRIOT resolve comesfrom a love of GOD-FAMILY-CHURCH-COUNTRY.

If, on the other hand, this cause is wrapped up inthe evil machinations of mankind where self-aggrandizement and self-promotiontake center stage (a secular approach), it will fizzle out in the long run andrender itself (the cause) inoperable.

I am “putting in” with the lot of the formerbecause the concerned and Godly citizens of South Carolina have decided to sayenough is enough, rise up, and kick the socialists and the liberal factionwithin our own Republican party out the door on their backside. In otherwords, don’t let the door hit you in the backside on your way out!

Leatherman, Rankin, Senn, Lindsey Graham, and DREWMCKISSICK- we are coming after your authority to lead our state. Yourpolitics disgust us.

Your time is short in the political realm.....start planning for a different career.... in the long term.

You can finesse us with your professional political operative“insider trading” and “capital distribution” in the short term (protectingRINOLAND), however, in the long-term conservative PATRIOTS have the knack ofsniffing out the rats among us.

True PATRIOTS just have a real hard time with lukewarmness.


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