I applaud the Citadel President's decision to stay put amid the hullabaloo over a photo of cadets with pillowcases over their heads. Christmas skit? Racism? Well of course it was racism, because civil rights activists wouldn't have it any other way.

The students involved have been ousted, but that's not enough. Oh no! There's a Confederate flag in the school's chapel. Down with it! When do these demands stop? Not until governments, schools and businesses stop lying down and rolling over for every imagined insult.

lf we erase every vestige of our history because it's offensive to some group or special interest, we will have forfeited who we are, and who we have been, and this nation will become a barren wasteland. Books and films will be destroyed to placate the few. Monuments and memorials bulldozed; street, road, and building names changed, and libraries gutted of all history of the hated antebellum south.

We have a president who started this racism ball rolling, so now it has picked up speed, gathering layers and layers of imagined insults and inequities to fester and grow until it has become a cancer on our pride as a nation.

lf we dwell on the past, and try to right every wrong of the last two hundred years, we should start with the plight of the Native American: the Indian. We took their land and livelihood by force, casting them out to live on reservations: land that won't grow grass or trees, much less food, so they live on what the government doles out.

Slavery will never be the shame to match our treatment of the Indian, whose demands, if any, are ignored by a feckless government.

So, enough of the whining, and demands for preferential treatment. Slavery is history, but the true American is still on the reservations, and lives in abject poverty.