Most liberals and assorted ESPN-types won't let this go, and accordingly, we continue to hear about player rights to protest the flag, the national anthem, patriotism, etc.  What I wish to comment upon are the rarely discussed 'social justice' issues the players are presumably upset about. Remember, Kaepernick is the player with the "cops are pigs" socks, the guy who thinks Cuba's socialism and health care are what we should have.  And, accordingly, he is "not going to show pride for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color." However, there are many areas of so-called 'social justice' these players better start cleaning up on their own. For example, it is very common for the players getting their signing bonuses to buy their Mom a new home. That's a great gift for their mom, but where are the Dads?  Many of these players are currently 'fathering' children but not marrying the Moms, thus creating the same pattern as previous!  That's a social in-justice that deprives the new child of a two-parent upbringing.

How about stopping the fake 9-1-1 calls, the purpose of which is to ambush the police who answer said calls? How about doing something regarding the black-on-black crime in the killing fields of Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, et al? How about getting rid of the filthy 'black-rap' music which denigrates women, with its filth? How about less football and basketball camps and more school tutoring and father/son bonding?  And what about the 70% abortion rate among young black women? Where are you, Kaepernick, in helping to alleviate this injustice to the unborn?

Yes, there are many areas of 'social in-justice,' but notice that is black on black, and situations that the police are not involved. Look in the mirror, Kaepernick!

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Mike Scruggs