You'd think that young people would be flocking to the tea party activities.

They've had the most stolen from them by the corrupt politicians.  Their entire future has been stolen!  They'll spend most of their life in a MUCH lower standard of living than that enjoyed by their parents.  America's economy is being "fundamentally changed" (just as Obama promised) into one where very few will have any real opportunity to move up in life.

The middle-aged and elderly are flocking to the tea parties because they're witnessing, live and in person, America changing from the unquestioned world leader into a third rate weakling.  Study after study shows American students performing behind nearly all the industrialized nations, and actually being found among the third world countries!

That's much of the reason that today's young people actually cheer for their own destruction!  The public schools have not just failed to teach history and economics well enough to allow students to see what the politicians are doing to them, the schools are actually conditioning students to be UNABLE to understand reality when it IS presented to them!

The schools are actively training students to NOT think, but instead to mindlessly follow the herd.  In any situation, today's students, instead of being resourceful and solving problems, come together and endlessly talk about the situation.  The problem is, each individual student a couple of generations ago, had more problem-solving skills than the entire body of students have today!  The entire body of students today is helpless in situations where every individual of previous generations was perfectly able!

But today's students have been conditioned to be unable to understand that fact.  The "self-esteem" movement has spent much of the students' time brainwashing them, telling them that they're "the smartest generation ever" instead of spending that time actually educating them!

Corrupt politicians pay the schools to condition the students to never question the corrupt politicians.  The mere existance of public schools is the most obvious conflict of interest ever!

School choice and supplemental education are the solutions.  Parents and grandparents need to make available to young people the knowledge that public schools are leaving out.

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