It is impossible to understand just how all the Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al, lies prevailed, in the recent passage of Health Care Reform. The lies regarding ‘reducing the deficit,’ health care for all, the ‘straw men,’ the CBO shenanigans, etc. Just how could all their lies prevail??

Well, their lies prevailed just as the neocon Cheney/Bush lies prevailed in the unconstitutional war against Iraq (weapons of mass destruction, nation-building, etc.), and Afghanistan (the Taliban, friends of our enemy, are our enemy!, though they had nothing to do with 9/11). Who knows into what countries the neocons (Project For a New American Century) will chase the ghosts of the Taliban and Al Qaeda?

So the progressives/liberals decided, “Ok, Cheney/Bush, you had your way with your lies, in making wars on other countries; now it’s our turn to lie and take-over Health Care!”  And, ‘taking over’ health care is what they are doing (and other Alinsky goals).

Now, why do the lies prevail? They prevail because each respective power structure thinks they have right on their side, and each respective opposition sees only lies of the other side. And 90 % of the public is too busy and too dumb to know the difference! Hence, the Constitution, and liberty, and true rights lose more ground to the powers-that-be who control both major parties. And if you haven’t figured out that both major parties are controlled by hidden powers, creating unconstitutional wars, and the growth of government, and these huge deficits, you’d better go back to school. No, not that (government) school; but the real school of self-education.


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