As a retired first grade teacher with a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education and 29 years under my belt teaching, as well as being a Board Member of United States Parents Involved in Education, not to mention having 4 grown children and 6 grandchildren, I have a vested interest in quality education. And I pay taxes. And I vote.

So when I came across the Special Report entitled, “ Rescuing Our Children” published by leading authorities on the problems our nation faces in public education, I took it upon myself to purchase a copy to mail to all the present School Board Members of the School District of Pickens County.

I was informed on April 4th by John Eby the spokesperson for our School Board that he would share those publications I purchased and mailed to him at the next meeting on April 29th.

I have not heard one single reply from ANY of our School Board or a thank you on my trying to keep them up to date on the latest studies and articles related to what is ailing SC public education woes.

It's been a whole month. Crickets...just crickets.

Aren't School Board Members suppose to have manners?

Aren't School Board Members suppose to be concerned about the latest education studies?

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Mike Scruggs