Is there any hope ... for civility, integrity, truth, common sense ... yeah, for the Constitution, even the Republic??

Let me give you some examples why I ask, what you may consider, a ridiculous question. Recently I was watching an ESPN promotion piece re: Michael Vick; you know, the NFL star quarterback who spent a couple of years in prison for dog-fighting and other cruelties. A female sports reporter was questioning whether Vick, who had apologized for his actions and had served the jail time, how could we know that he was truly repentant of these terrible crimes? I'm sorry, but ever day in the U.S. we are aborting something like 3,000 at least innocent unborns. And she, and essentially the rest of America is more concerned about some dogs!!

How about our House and Senatorial representatives? How would you like to have Adam Shiff/Nadler/Pelosi/McConnell/Schumer/Boehner/Ryan as your irreplaceable, lying representative?

Or, try Senator Warren, who wants to pay off all/most of the student debt; that doesn't set too well with the undersigned who, like many seniors, paid "their own way!"

Or, some of you will remember in the 1960's when the 'free speech movement' took over at U.C. Berkeley (ie, U. of California at Berkeley--ironically where I once lived). Well, now it's "liberal free speech only," and any conservative speech/speaker will be literally attacked and banned, while the city police refuse to step-in and protect your rights!

And, there are so many young students clamoring for 'free health care;' yet, ask them, 'where does the money come from?', they just stare back at you, ignorant of any rational discussion or solution.

Continuing, the failing educational system, open borders, the dual justice system, too many worth-less college degrees, nineteen years of unconstitutional (proxy) wars, as we continue being 'the world's policeman'; and so it goes.

Is there any hope?? First, get right with Christ. Then, let prayer be your guide as to what you can do!

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