This is a 'open letter' to Congressman William Timmons and the (mostly) 535 congressional 'boobs' (particularly GOP) who appear significantly more interested in making PSA announcements and not challenging Pres. Trump pathetic actions in (not) re-opening the economy. My purpose is to present factors that show that this is not a health crisis!

1) The CDC has re-defined the Death Certificates 'cause of death' (presumably and for certain unethically) to included 'if you presume' the death is COVID-19 related, that IS the cause. This apparently supersedes the established Coroner/Doctor long established procedures; and has thereby highly inflated said death statistics. That is, the currently reported 36,000 deaths from this virus is truly only 8-10-12,000.(which, at the maximum, hardly approaches the 50M-60M deaths from flu in the last two years!). See 2)

2) Truly, the elderly with significant health liabilities (ie, obese, diabetes, kidney, lung, heart, etc) these issues all affect the immune system and are therefore highly vulnerable to this virus. It is estimated that those over 70 account for 65-70% of said virus deaths.

3) Dr Fauci and the many 'medical bureaucrats' had published in a New England Medical Journal back in February that this 'crisis' was (only) equivalent to the annual flu virus. What changed?? 4) The major testing vehicle ('RCP') has only been 'lab tested', never field tested. And it has many 'positive' errors! And this is the major testing vehicle?? (and, a major factor for hosp. funding!) Hey, there are a lot more factors that the GOP could examine, but how about getting off your fannys and get after Pres. Trump and the GOP leadership and OPEN UP THE ECONOMY NOW!!

P.S. You could give Rep. Gaetz (FL) some help and inquire as to why (Congress) approved federal funding of (China's) Wusan Labs (being the source of (this) coronavirus problem.

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